Monday, August 11, 2014

Last letter home

You are so cute I love you all! thank you so much for writing me letters, Trent i forgive you for not writing me because you wrote me a really great letter recently. I love all your letters.  i was cracking up the whole time, but what`s with all the Nacho Libre references?? lol You do all know that SHANE (I mean Elder Davis) is the one in Mexico right?? but i loved it and it made me laugh.
So this week was another contacting week, but we also saw some AWESOME miracles!  Lately it has been really hard for us to find new investigators even though we have been working really hard to do so, BUT this week we did find a new investigator named Lorena, and she is AWESOME!  She was so so prepared when we found her, she confessed to us after the first lesson we had with her that she had been anxiously awaiting our visit ALL week! hahaha

Diana wasn't able to get baptized this week because she got sick and therefore could receive us to get her lessons and couldn't have her interview either.  BUT this week she is going to get baptized, either Saturday or Sunday we aren't sure yet because there is a talent show on Saturday and the Bishop doesn`t want the reverence of the baptism to be tainted by preparations for the talent show, etc. AND the other miracle is that TANIA decided that she wants to get baptized this week as well! It was so so cool! because up to now when we would ask her, she would always say that she knows she is going to get baptized but that she didn't feel ready, but on Sunday when we invited her to be baptized for this weekend she said yes, with out any doubts or hesitation!  It was a miracle! and she is SOOOO awesome!  We are so excited for her. Now we are just waiting for her to ask her parents permission and for them to sign the paper, then she needs her interview and she`s ready to go! :) It`s going to be a busy, AWESOME week!
For my last email I wanted to share part of a hymn that i dont believe exists in the english hymn book, so bear with me dad, you`re going to have to translate. It`s a hymn that i love and that I`ve had in my mind and heart these last couple days, and that has defined my mission.
Himno #88  "Placentero nos es trabajar"
  1. Placentero nos (me) es trabajar
    en la viña del gran Rey Jesús,
    y honroso nos (me) es predicar
    a Su pueblo Su ley y Su lluz.
    Por Su luz, por Su luz,
    placentero nos es trabajar.
    Por Su luz, por Su luz,
    moriremos en El sin pesar.
  2. La palabra de Dios escuchad
    con ahínco, lealtad y fervor.
    Para siempre jamás recordad
    Su pureza, verdad y amor.
    Con amor, con amor,
    la palabra de Dios escuchad.
    Con amor, con amor,
    la bandera de Dios empuñad.
  3. ¡Oh hermanos, adiós, pues, adiós!
    El momento de ir vino ya.
    Si guardamos la fe en el gran Dios,
    nos veremos aún más allá.
    Más allá, más allá.
    ¡Oh hermanos, adiós, pues, adiós!
    Más allá, más allá,
    moraremos con Dios en amor.
It is pleasant for us (me) to work
In the vineyard of the great God Jesus
And honorable for us (me) to to preach
To His people, His law and His light.
By His light, by His light,
It is pleasant for us (me) to work.
By His light, by His light,
We will die in Him without regrets.

Listen to the Word of God
With eagerness, loyalty and fervor.
Forever and always remember
His purity, truth, and love.
With love, with love,
Hear the Word of God.
With love, with love,
Bear the flag of God.

Oh, brothers and sisters! Good-by, then Good-bye!
The time to go has come.
If we keep the faith in the great God,
We will see each other again far Beyond.
Far Beyond, far Beyond,
O, brothers! Good-by, then Good-by!
Far Beyond, far Beyond,
We will dwell with God in love.
I really do love working as a missionary in the Lord's vineyard. It IS pleasing and pleasant to me. I love serving the Lord and serving His children here in Chile, I love being His representative. I love preaching His law and His light to His children. There is nothing better or more fulfilling. Placentero me es ... 
I love you all so much! Take good care! we`ll be seeing eachother soon.

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