Monday, May 20, 2013

5/20/13 Changes!

Unfortunately, I'm at a sucky computer today and I have to freaking PUNCH every key to get it to work, it's taking me 500 years to write, so my email probably won't be very long even though I have a mountain of things to say. 

Cambios...[companionship changes]...  Holy WOOOOOW!!!!  Our plan this morning WAS to wake up, do our studies, call the district leader to ask about cambios, then go back to sleep.  Let's just say the LAST thing I could have done after that phone call was sleep.  As far as our district was concerned, we were just expecting that Elder Cadena, who's been here since November, would be heading out. The phone call went like this mas o menos [more or less] (or as Chileans would say it ma´omeno´ ) Elder Cadena on speakerphone:
¨Hola! We´re calling to find out about transfers.¨
¨Yeah give me just a moment... OK, ready.¨
¨Are you leaving? Where are you going?¨
¨Yes!! I'm leaving! I'm going to... ¨
¨Oh, yeah!  We all knew it!  Anything else?¨
¨Yeah! Elder Turner is leaving ¨...also Hermana Joglar is Rauquen.¨(The same exact sector that Hermana Joglar was ¨born¨in [or started her mission in])
Then came the freaking out and asking who was coming to be my companion (answer: Hermana Rojas de Peru) and who was coming to replace the Elders... NO ONE!!!  So, I am the only one staying here and they are closing down the sector we just opened, Lontué B.  The other missionaries are feeling really down about killing a sector, but I think that the reason they even opened it in the first place was to get sisters in here and train them so that they could eventually replace the Elders.  Lontué is kind of a tricky area what with being missionaries and edificadores de rama [branch builders] and everything here so I'm thinking that was the purpose behind it, especially since the branch here is so small that they were really struggling feeding four missionaries lunch everyday. But it's still un poco triste [a little sad].  I'm SUPER nervous but excited at the same time!  I'm really going to miss my companion and the rest of our district, but I´m sure there are only better things to come!  My new companion and I will be moving into where the Elders were living. 

About the house we were going to rent.  On Monday last week, when we were about to finalize everything, we prayed about the house and turns out it wasn't right for us to rent that house. Now we know why! ¡Bacán! [Awesome!]
 Also, insteadv of having two cats where we live, we will now have two dogs! YAY... but they're both little dogs, (according to the Elders) one is named Linda [Pretty] (pronounced Leenda!)and the other is named Feo [Ugly]. Haha ...bueno!  HOWEVER, that does not mean it is OK for you to get a new dog with out me fam, OK? ..OK!! Thanks, you're the best fam in the whole wide world!

Today we have been going nuts packing and cleaning everything. SO CRAZY! We REALLY didn't see this coming! H. Joglar and I were SURE we were staying together, especially after the super awesome pep talk we had last night.  I shared one of my favorite inspirational quotes with her and it spurred on a whole big conversation about finishing strong, etc.  I'll share the quote just because it's super awesome.... ¨Be the kind of person (missionary) that when your feet hit the floor in the morning Satan says ´Oh, crap!  She's up!´¨
Haha, I love it!  It ALWAYS, ALWAYS helps me feel better and makes me want to push harder and be better. :) 
I'm excited to see what tomorrow and the rest of the week have to offer!

Parentals, sounds like a rough weekend! but I'm glad Trent is safe and Found!  Haha, I'm so funny, I know :) I miss you all so much! miss you too, mom good to hear I am missed!  Thanks so much for the parable, pictures, updates, and everything!  I really loved all of it! I will be keeping the company in my prayers!  Best of luck this week!  Mama and Not Da Mama (Dad), I'm POSITIVE you are the two studliest people on the face of the planet!  Keep being awesome!  Best of luck with everything! XOXOXOXOXOXO hug and kiss everyone from me! LOVE YOU ALL and miss you to pieces! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Till next week, ALL my love,
Hermana Davis

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