Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 23 (Buin w/Hermana Irrazabal)

Another awesome week this week!  I cannot BELIEVE we are already half way through this cambio [companionship change]. Time flies when your having fun/working hard lol. Today my companion and I spent the day with one of our investigators, Vivi, shopping and looking for clothes and stuff to help her appearance (for the sake of her pareja [partner]).  It was super fun!  Her and Victor aren't married and have had a lot of problems in their relationship but things have been rapidly changing.  Victor in the past has had a lot of problems with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and what not in the past, but we have really seen a turn around in him.  It's amazing!  We teach Vivi various times during the week, but can only teach them together on the weekends because Victor works driving trucks during the week.  AH! I wish I had time to explain more about them, their fam and their situation, but just know that things have been REALLY complicated!  But we have been seeing LOTS of little miracles, for example, today at the end of our shopping spree with Vivi we were sitting together in McDonald's talking, asking Vivi if they had said their prayer as a couple the night before, etc (oh and a little background info, we passed by to teach last night and we taught the lesson on baptism) and Vivi told us that last night Victor told her that he wants to get baptized.  That leads to us talking with her about them having to get married (which she knows) and long story short we set a goal wedding date with her for the 6th of Sept, in one month...AND immediately after we finished eating, we started a fast together, for them as a couple that they'll be able to reach that goal and that both Victor and Vivi will be OK with it and be prepared when the time comes (because we haven't talked to Victor yet)...AND all of this was such a miracle because we've talked about marriage many a time with Vivi and she always said no, no, no because of how Victor was behaving, how he'd have to change, how he'd have to make the first move, that she wants to be skinnier, that she wants to wait two years, blah, blah, blah, ...a list of about a million reasons why she didn't want to get married. BUT they are both really growing and progressing with their testimonies and are really beginning to understand the importance of getting baptized and wanting the gospel in their lives.  It's SUPER COOL! LOVE THEIR FAMILY!  Oh, and this is the first fast Vivi has ever done but she was totally ready and pumped to do it.  She's adorable!  I think that's all for this week with the time I have, BUT I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!  Have fun at home this week!  LIVE UP THE SUMMER!  You're the best family in the whole wide universe!  I WANT LETTERS CHIQUILLOS [kids]!  
Lots of love, 
Hna Davis

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