Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 22 (Buin w/Hermana Irrazabal)


THIS WEEK HAS BEEN AMAZING!!!! I can't even begin to express how much I am in LOVE with my sector, the people here, my mission! EVERYTHING!  It's the most amazing thing!  I really feel like I am beginning to absolutely lose myself in this work and in my love for the people!  This week my comp and I met and or exceeded almost every one of our weekly goals!  We had SEVEN investigators in the church this week, including 2 couples who brought their 3 children each.  It feels GREAT!  Hna Irrazabal and I ran around like CRAZY on Sunday trying to entertain and keep those kids quiet because they are all super young and not very disciplined. We brought note books, crayons, colored pencils, chocolate, cereal, EVERYTHING we could think of and we had to chase them all over the church because they didn't want to go to primary or they were thirsty or WHATEVER REASON!  It was super, super crazy but funny to look back on. 

This week we had a baptism!  WHOOPEEE!  I'll try to remember to send pics next week (don't have time this week).  Our investigator Patricio got baptized and man was it a spiritual baptism!  Probably the strongest I've felt the spirit in a baptism since it was my own!  He cried and cried during all of the talks before the baptism, then when he came up out of the water he just hugged the branch Pres. and CRIED!  HE SOBBED!  The Spirit was SO strong! (and this guy is NOT a crier!)  He really is one of those chosen ones that Heavenly Father prepared to be found.  I came in like half way through him receiving the lessons and I really feel like we hardly had to do anything.  He understood and read the chapters in the BofM and pamphlets and everything we gave him and more!  He is awesome and is chomping at the bit to start preparing to go on a mission. 

We had a lot of really cool experiences this week.  It's amazing to me how, with no personal experience whatsoever, the Spirit can instantaneously turn us as missionaries into mouth pieces that can work as the most experienced addiction specialists or marriage counselors or whatever it is the Lord needs us to be as His representatives to help His children in the moment when they need it.  I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! 

 Love you to pieces familia!  Disfruten su semana!  Hasta Luego! [Enjoy your week! Until later!]

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