Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 27 (Buin w/Hermana Irrazabal)

LA SEMANA DEL CHORRO [The week of the burglar]

SOOOOO we had some crazy adventures this week :) :) :)

Sunday. Hna Irrazabal sees some dude out the window who is walking around checking out the neighborhood. She explains to us how she got a really bad feeling when she saw him, that she thinks he was looking around planning to rob. As she explains this, one of the other Hermanas, Hna Jaramillo remembers a dream she had the week before that a thief broke into the house to steal. So at this point, we all start joking about chorros [Argentinian slang for: burglars]. The next night Hna Irrazabal and I arrive at the house first, so we decide to play a prank on the other Hnas. We lock the gate behind us, instead of leaving it open, lock the front door, and don't turn on any lights, so that they think nobody's home yet, and we hide behind the front door to scare them. Long story short, this started a chain of jokes, scares, and pranks all having to do with chorros.
Wednesday, Hna Irrazabal and I are sitting in our lunch appointment chatting with the sister that had made us lunch when the phone rings. Its Hna Garcia and Hna Trujillo. They didn't have a lunch appointment and had gone to the house to make their own lunch. They had finished cooking in the kitchen on the first floor and headed up to their room to eat on the 2nd floor.  They ask us "Did you come in the house?"
Hna Irrazabal: "No."
Hna Trujilllo: "No seriously, you didn't come in the house?"
Hna Irrazabal:  "No! Seriously! ...Why?"
"Hermana... we heard the front door close."
Hna Irrazabal: "Maybe it's the other hermanas, did you call them?"
Hna Trujillo: "no, they had a lunch appointment today. It's not them. Hna, I think someone came in the house. We can hear noises coming from the first floor. What do we do?"
"Where are you right now"
"In our room, we shut and locked ourselves inside!"
"Yeah, are you sure you hear something, it's not just your imagination?  Why dont you go and check it out"
"NO! Hna, seriously! there are noises coming from below"
"Yeah, stay put then, we are going to call the Zone Leaders so they can come and check it out."
We call our Zone Leaders, they don't answer.
We call our District Leaders.  No answer...they're all in their lunch  appointments.
We call the Zone Leaders from the OTHER zone. They answer. We start trying to explain to them what's going on when we see that the Hnas are calling from the house.  So, we hang up on the ZLs to answer the hnas.
Hna Trujillo: "The noises stopped. We're going to go down the stairs to check it out, but we want you to come with us, so we're going to put you on speaker phone. Ready? (whispering very softly) OK, we're going down. listen!...."
.... everything is silent. Then we start hearing them go down one stair at a time. then the noise stops again. We start hearing noises that we can't really identify and the line goes quiet
Hna Irr: "(whispering) Hermanas?... (a little louder)Hermanas... Almost yelling at the phone HERMANAS?"  The line cuts out. We try calling again. The phone is turned off. SO we start freaking out.  The sister we are eating lunch with calls los carabineros (the police here in Chile) then Hna Irrazabal calls the other zone leaders again and tells them roughly the situation and tells them to RUN to the house and find out whats going on.  About 3 mins later the phone rings again.  The hermanas.
They explained that they are OK; that they went down stairs and there was no one there.  They tell us to tell the ZLs not to come but we tell them they are already on their way... along with the carabineros. Hna Trujillo then explains to us that she turned off the phone for fear of it making noise while they went down. She also explains that they know that there was someone in the house because the back door that enters into the kitchen was left open when they had left it shut, and that when they came down the stairs they heard the grocery bag hanging on the door handle make noise, as if someone brushed by.  A little while later the ZLs arrive (very winded) and explain to the Hns that they saw some guy jump over the back fence of one of our nearby neighbors.  A little later the carabineros arrive and some of our neighbors come out of their houses to talk with them as well because they witnessed another guy (team attack) trying to rob their house...but since they caught him, he ditched his backpack full of their things and bailed. LUCKILY for us, that very same day in the morning the other two hnas that were living on the first floor had moved into the house of the senior couple that just went home to the states; so it just so happens the first floor had absolutely nothing. SO nothing was stolen YIPPEE!
Later, the Assistants to the President passed by to drop something off and gave the Hnas a blessing of comfort and blessed the house.
All turned out fine but it was quite the heart racing adventure!

As for the work, everything is still going good!  This week we struggled a bit more with getting the members to actually follow through with their commitment to come to lessons with us (aka they all bailed in the last minute, but that's normal lol). But little by little, our investigators are progressing and even though they fall from time to time, they pick themselves up, dust themselves off and keep trying. Turns out over coming addictions ISN'T so easy. lol.  Who knew??
We have a baptism this weekend AND a member of the 70 is coming to speak to the mission this week! Updates later!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you baby sis! You are so beautiful! I miss you tons and thought about you this week. Be tough! Don't be dumb even though all the kids around you in the High School are. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU'RE MY BESTEST FRIEND FOREVERRRRRRRRRRR! I MISS YOU!

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