Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 29 (Buin w/ Hermana Irrazabal)

OK, so time is short but I have so much to send!  It's been a crazy week! ...lots to share! ...including pictures.  The bad news is that they are SUPER slow loading, but I'll see what I can do.
OK, where do I start?
Tuesday my companion had a meeting in Rancagua because she's the Sister coordinator.  I stayed here in the sector with Hermana Garcia. Wednesday is our normal district meeting but this week President Warne came and visited and afterward he gave my companion a Priesthood blessing.  It was an AWESOME blessing!...pretty much we're going to be running around like mad the next 3 weeks (the LAST three weeks of my compi's mission:( )  She is SO awesome!  I hope I can become as great a missionary as she is!  So after she got a blessing, I asked for one too... IN ENGLISH! it was AWESOME!
The Lord (obviously) knows all of our needs, worries, you name it!  Even when WE don't even recognize them.  My blessing was SO SO SO perfect and especially and exactly what I needed to hear from the Lord.  I'll admit, I cried just a LITTLE bit... OK, maybe a lot.
Thursday, DIVISIONES! my companion went over to a near by sector and I got to stay here with another hermana.  Fun stuff!  It went well :) OH! another one of our families that we teach is going to get married!  We had a very heart to heart, "tell them what they need to hear" lesson with them and yesterday they told us that they decided to do it!!!  wooohoooooooo  ..When?  Well, we are still working on that.
Friday, President Warne called to have us come to the mission home (Hna Irrazabal and I) because 5 guys from Salt Lake flew in to do some interviews with some sister missionaries from our mission and to ask us some questions about Elder Archuleta.  We go to the mission home and they wanted to interview us immediately because dusk was about to fall and the lighting outside was perfect for the CAMERAS ...that's right ON CAMERA INTERVIEWS. I almost died! lol  The president asked my compi and I (and 2 other sisters from the mission) to come and talk and be interviewed.  One of the guys who came is the guy who makes all the Mormon Messages, another was the personal film agent guy that went with President Hinkley for all his on film stuff all over the world (including with Larry King), another is the assistant to the President of the Mormon Tabernacle who schedules all the stars and people who come and perform with the Mormon Tab Choir.  I don't remember who the other guys were.  Supposedly they are working on something to put between the sessions of conference and maybe some Mormon messages and some kind of documentary on Elder Archuleta. They asked us questions about the mission, our experiences, our testimonies, and also a couple questions about Elder Archuleta.  They had us sign release forms and everything.  What stinks is that we won't really know if/when they use our stuff... I guess we'll  just have to start watching out for it.  Who knows, maybe my comp and I will randomly show up on the TV or the internet!  It was a CRAZY experience!  I'll definitely never forgot it!  It was so cool being with these people and hearing all their stories from working with people high up in the church, people like Andre Botticelli and everything! After we finished filming we all ate dinner together in the mission home. Definitely an experience I'll NEVER EVER EVER forget!
Saturday, the branch killed our WHOLE day proselyting because we had our Sept. 18 party and it went ALL day and they needed our help, but it was SUPER fun and we 4 hermanas dressed up in traditional "cueca" dresses in the China (or chinita) style (YouTube: la cueca chilena) la cueca is the national dance.  It was so fun!  I took LOADS of pics!

I forget to comment on things sometimes, but G-pa Jim WAS on my mind this week and in my prayers. No se preocupe [So, don't worry] lol  I'm really glad to hear he is recovering well.
I love you mommy, thank you for your email, please do have Zoe tell me EVERYTHING EVERYTHING EVERYTHING about her first dance.

I'm writing you an actual letter (believe it or not).  The only problem is that the mail system here is on strike right now, as is the registro civil lol gotta love CHILE


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