Monday, November 11, 2013

Week-37 (Buin with Hmna Arias)


I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

This has been another great week, we found another new family and a great great new investigator named Coni, she's 21 and so prepared and special! The only challenge so far is that she works sundays, but it's something fixable :) 
Ana has been progressing so well! She really has been prepared by the Lord, she recenlty told us that she quit smoking about 6 months ago and that she did it because she felt like the Lord was preparing her for "something". However the adversary has been working very hard against her, throwing every thing he's got. She hasn't been able to get to church the last two sundays, for example, yesterday she was waiting IN the bus stop all ready to go to church when something happened in the house and they called her and she had to go back. We are going to go out to her house again this week Sunday morning to come WITH her to church.  She has a very interesting husband. He has studied a LOT of different religions and has some very interesting opinions, but luckily, despite the fact that we always disagree with him on points of doctrine, le caemos bien [we get along well]. Let's just say we gave him the name of Zeezrom.  Yesterday we watched the video on Joseph Smith's life and he stayed and watchd it with us, and afterward said it was "really well done".  AKA he liked it and felt the spirit! lol 
Also Viviana's family (the less active that introduced us to her children explaining which ones hadnt been baptized yet) is doing well!  We can only see them on the weekends, so that makes progress slow and hard to measure after just 2 weeks.  But yesterday we did a FHE with them and even though her husband supposedly doesn't like religion and didn't want to listen, we roped him in to listening and he ended up participating and saying the closing prayer!  Also, their youngest son Jesús, who is 9 was their last night, he is the ONLY one of the family who read the home work we left them in the Book of Mormon, but he is so involved and anxious to learn its adorable! Especially because his attitude and manner of speaking etc¡ es mas flaite! (wanna-be Chilean gangster).  When we were watching the video of the first vision, in the part at the end when Joseph Smith hands the finished Book of Mormon to his dad to read Jesús stood up in excitement right in front of the tv and his mom had to sit him back down, it was so cute!  Also, their oldest son (that we didn't get to meet last week), the "lost cause" was their last night and although he didn't listen to the lesson and went and his in his room, apparently not wanting anything to do with us, he did come out in the part where we played games and he got SUPER involved and opened up.  It was super fun and funny!  So hopefully this next weekend he will be willing to listen to us too!
Lots of mini-miracles and special experiences! The Lord has been TOO good to us recently! It's amazing! 
LOVE YOU FAM! take care this week! 

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