Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 39 (Buin w Hmna Arias

Another great week FULL of mini-miracles! The Lord has been SO good to us! 
The exciting news this week is that Valentina went to mutual for the first time and immediately made friends with the youth there.  Then 2 days later, she went with the youth up to Santiago on their temple trip! She and a few others, waited outside while the youth did baptisms. We invited her to pray and ask if the church was true/if Joseph Smith was a prophet, etc while she was at the temple AND SHE DID!  She said she felt REALLY good and it was so adorable watching her try to describe the feelings of the Spirit for the first time.  I LOVE THE TEMPLE!  She is so awesome! This week we are planning on putting more of an emphasis on the mom and the brother so that they can all progress together.  The brother, Felipe, normally runs and hides when he sees us coming or doesn't participate much in the lesson.  He's a little rascal haha but the other day we had a lesson with him and Cristofer.  We read in the Book of Mormon (when Moroni and his troops trapped the army of Zerahemna in the valley and forced them to surrender and one of the soldiers ended up scalping Zerahemna etc, etc) with them and used it to explain the importance of having faith and depending on The Lord.  At the end of the lesson, Felipe said the closing prayer and he asked the blessing that we could come and teach him lessons every day. lol  The other day during our lesson with Luz (the mom) and Vale, he fell asleep in the chairs UNDER the table!  It was so funny I took a picture.  I'll try to send it. lol 
ANA IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY! AH! She is so so special! We are soooooo excited! She is nervous, but SOOOO ready! It's going to be great and we'll send pics next week. :) :)  Other than that, we are doing GREAT!  I love my companion!  She may not be a blabber mouth, but when she does talk, she often makes me bust up laughing. 
Fam bam, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!  Send me letters pretty please with sugar on top! LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU!
PS: you never told me what YOU want for christmas.  You better tell me SOMETHING or I'm sending coal for Christmas ;)

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