Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 32 (Buin w/ Hermana Irrazabal)


So, I hear you are still doing daily family scripture study and personal study... HOORAY! That makes me so happy!  You don EVEN know! Keep it up! You ROCK Davis family! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
SO, who loved conference? ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I LOVE CONFERENCE! I'm like a conference junky I swear!  It's pretty much better than Christmas in the mission! The cool part was that we missionaries (gringos) got to watch it in English too!  I love Spanish, but it just isn't the same if you can't hear THEIR voices.  It was kind of funny sitting in the English room of conference at the end, just us missionaries sitting around listening and taking notes.... the closing prayer ends and we all just stay there like... DANG IT! How can it be over???? And my district leader started fake balling... although he may have been faking it on the outside, I was really feeling that way on the inside! lol  But now I'm chomping at the bit to be able to study it in the Liahona.  I LOVE CONFERENCE!!!!! 
This week passed by SO fast!   OH! we found out cambios [changes] Saturday night.  My comp and I were thinking we were going to be put in a cambio until she heads home (in two weeks), BUT it turns out we have no changes in our companionship, but that means we will have special cambios in two weeks when Hermana Irrazabal goes home.  One of the sister that lives with us is getting transferred to another zone, so sad!  It's amazing how close you can get to someone living 2 cambios together in the same house, even when you're never IN the house together. 
This week we found an investigator of GOLD!  She is married with 2 teenage kids.  The family was really close friend with the missionary couple that was here earlier, and we ran into her the other day and she invited us to come eat lunch at her house Friday, so we went and while we are eating she tells us about her life and her friendship with the Grants (the missionary couple) and tells us that she sometimes says to her husband that she wants to be Mormon, but after being catholic (formerly) for so long she doesn't now if she could change her life style so much etc. BUT she came to one of the Saturday sessions of conference and brought her daughter.  We called her Sunday to see if she could come and she said she couldn't because they were celebrating her son's birthday... BUT that she'd been watching it from her PHONE!  Does it get more golden? I think not!  I think if we can just start working with her family and get them all in together then they will all get baptized. They are so amazing! They are the perfect Mormon family, just with out being Mormon! lol They even have plans to go visit the Grants in Georgia in January.  ¡Ojala que se bauticen antes de que se vayan!  [I hope they get baptized before they go].
Vivi and Victors wedding is supposedly this Friday, but they haven't been able to verify their date in the registro civil, but supposedly early this morning the registro was going to start working with marriage dates, and Vivi was going to go.  We will see what happens... prayers please! 
OH! and I forgot to tell you last week, we had a baptism! Victor, the 9 year old whose dad is a less active, or WAS a less active :) got baptized, that was awesome! He's a smart kid! 
Not much else going on! But I love you a lot! keep up with the AWESOME work! you're the best family in the whole wide world! ¡Cuidense MUCHO! ¡Les extraño! [Take good care of yourselves!  I miss you]
Hermana Davis

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