Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 33 (Buin; Last week w/ Hermana Irrazabal)

Vivi and Victor finally got married this week! YIPEEEEEEE haha it was awesome! They looked great, in their own very them way. lol  I'll send the pics! haha
The only down side is that with all their friends and family staying at their house visiting and wanting to celebrate (in the non-Mormon way), they caved to pressure and drank over the weekend. So, we had to postpone their baptism date for the next weekend, and unfortunately, now my comp won't be able to be there to see them get baptized with Akori, who turns eight on the 20th!
We had a super good lesson with them last night on repentance, I think it was a break through lesson because, although we'd taught it a million times before and tried to explain it in every way we could think of, they didn't understand the need to repent, or the "why" of repentance.  But with how the lesson went last night, and with the help of a member accompanying us and the spirit guiding the lesson, we were able to share experiences and explain things in a new way and judging by their responses, I think they finally are beginning to understand. We also explained to them that faith is required as well, and as we have the faith to live the commandments, we begin to understand them more and more, so they committed to repent and continue preparing and making the changes necessary to get baptized.
This is my last week with my companion, she will be heading home next Monday... ¡triste!  [sad]  I love her SO much! I can't even begin to explain how much I have learned from her!  She is an awesome missionary and will continue being an awesome member after the mission.  Sad to see her leave!  Excited to see what opportunities and changes the Lord has in store for me and my new companion, who ever she may be! lol
Fam bam, love you lots! The gospel is true!  Keep on keeping on!  Give lots of love to Quinta for me! You are always in my prayers!
Hermana Davis

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