Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 54 (Rancagua, Zona Tupahue 1 w/ Hna Rojas) ...This is the letter that was supposed to be sent on Mar 3


It's been another great week here in Villa el Sol. 
We had divisions AGAIN this week haha so I got to go to the barrioTupahue and work in their sector for a day with Hermana Meeks from Oceanside, CA. She's awesome, love her! 
This week our schedule got mixed around just a little bit because, instead of having our zone/district meeting on Wednesday, we had it on Thursday. I guess President wanted to give the Zone Leaders and Cordinadoras more time to prepare their presentations because they came from a super long training meeting that came from Pres [who had just come from another super long training meeting (8hours!) with Elder Ballard and some members of the seventy].  Pretty much the whole theme of the conference they had was D&C 88:73 [Hastening missionary work].  They touched a LOT of topics and gave us a ton of great help and tips, it was awesome!  The spirit was super strong and we really could feel the URGENCY in the work, and I loved it!  One of the biggest topics they hit was about talking with EVERYONE!  So my comp and I have been working a lot harder in being able to talk with everyone.  It's been really cool and we've already had lots of mini cool experiences. 
Another topic they talked about was consecrating ourselves as missionaries.  It was awesome and obviously EXACTLY what we needed to hear and the exact direction that we needed to take. We are super amped and excited to kick it up a notch HIGHER and keep working. :) :) :)
This week the only day we taught Karina was the day I was in Tupahue, but my comp said it went really well, but once again she went to Santiago for the weekend.  But we were able to talk to the dad, Sergio, of the Ramos family and he said that they had read the intro to the BoM and that he is excited for us to come by again to teach the family. He even told us that their daughter that hadn't wanted to participate in the lesson (but then came down stairs at the very end) had also read it!  SO, that was pretty cool!  We are now just waiting for his wife and kids to come back from Val Paraíso so we can teach them again. We have been finding other people as well here and there.   For example, we ran into some investigators Hna Rojas taught with her other companions that went on vacations for like a month, and they too are super great!
Our new ward mission leader is fantastic and has sooooo much enthusiasm for the work! He has already introduced us to a less active member, we had a lesson with him and Hno Gutierrez this past Wed and then the less active came to church with his wife this Sunday!  It was way awsome!  He also has ideas and everything for activities going!  It's fantastic! :)

OH! something I've been forgetting to tell you... SO... I'm in Rancagua, super close to the office... in fact, we go there every Wednesday for our district meetings... SOOOOO if you were just HAPPENING to want to send me packages, that would TOTALLY be ok with me, I wouldn't EVEN complain about it because I'd surely recieve them right when they got here... AND it just so happens that I'm in need of some crystal light and dried mangoes... you know ... JUST IN CASE you were WANTING to send me something... OR LETTERS!!!! :)
Christ is coming soon, prepare yourself!

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