Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 58 (Rancagua, Zona Tupahue 1 [Villa el Sol] w/ Hna Huamán)

[Ahhh, I don't have time for anything]

OK! HI! 
I'm a little more time crunched now because I´ve got to write a little more to the Pres. every week about how training is going and about how the sisters in the zone are doing. hehe

My new companion´s name in Hna Huamán (wah-MAN) she is from Lima, Peru. (<- yay! I don't have to speak English)  :) She is a convert of 4 years AND (fun fact:) before getting baptized she was a (drum roll please).... Catholic NUN!  That´s right, NUN! haha  She was a Nun for about a year and 8 months, then her family came and bailed her out and she started listening to the missionaries with her aunt´s family (who are members) and, long story short, HERE SHE IS!!!!! :)

We both have been studying like mad and learning lots, practicing LOTS AND LOTS, and doing all the other normal missionary type things. :)  My poor poor compi got fleas in her bed the second night. From one day to the next fall arrived and she isn´t accustomed to ANY form of cold, so we pulled out some old blankets that we had in the closet to help her keep warm, the next morning she woke up half eaten alive!  Poor thing was scratching all day so we gave her all the stuff we had for insect bites, that numbing first aid spray, hydrocortisone cream, EVERYTHING! haha and we washed all her blankets and sheets immediately and vacuumed her mattress and all the like (FULL flea killing/attack time). We´re still not sure if we killed them all or not because she somehow woke up with a couple more bites the next day, and then DURING the day she also got a few more, but we did buy some raid today and are going to do a second round of flea attack.  LUCKILY, I haven´t had any problems.  My poor greenie companion got ALL the bad luck! But I´ve been trying to help her all I can; encourage her all I can, and love her all I can. She´s great! :)

Tomorrow I´ve got my first mission leadership council, where all the Zone Leaders and coordinating sisters meet with the Pres and the AP's.  I´m actually really excited.  Hna Berbert told me that they are really special/spiritual.  

BTW, I was able to see her on Monday night when we dropped Hna Ruis off at the mission home who went home with that group, she was outside and I was able to talk to her for a little bit and wish her luck in her new mission. That girl is so awesome and so tough! Love her!  Hna Tidwell and I are the only two sister missionaries left from MY MTC group that came from the mission Concepcion.
Another BTW, Hna Tidwell is a coordinadora as well so I will get to see her tomorrow! YAYYYY!!! :) (for those who don't know or don't remember, Hna Tidwell was my comp in the MTC).

Parentals, have I mentioned how much I LOVE and appreciate you?  Your letters and advice were EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I LOVE YOU! keep being awesome example you are for me! DAVIS STYLE!!!! :D :D 

SO are you excited for General Conference or WHAT???!!!!? I SURE AM!!! ¡Estoy TAN animada que es posible que me haga pis encima! no need to translate that, dad. LOL 

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