Monday, April 15, 2013

1st week in Chile

OMGOSH! FAMILY! HI!!!!!!! lol
Where in the world do I start?!?!?! This has been the coolest week in MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!! As you found out, I am in fact in a little hick-town (for Chile) area, called Lontué, about 6 hours from Concepcion. Needless to say, I did some hard core traveling. First in planes, then in busses. My companion IS from Argentina and is a native Spanish speaker, which has been SUPER good for my Spanish, BUT she also only has 3 months left in the mission and all of her companions (minus two) have been gringas.  So she speaks a little bit of English.  I LOVE HER!!!! …we get along SUPER well and we can communicate pretty dang well too!  Spanish is awesome, I LOVE it! The only problem is... I can´t understand the people here for MY LIFE!!!  Not only do they talk SUPER fast, but they don´t annunciate por NADA! (for nothing).  lol  Our area is actually Lontué B because it´s brand new. They split Lontué in two and the Elders that were here are now Lontué A, and they are probably the nicest Elders ever (Elder Turner from Utah and Elder Cadena from Mexico- both are going to die [or end their missions] pretty soon)!  We’ve spent a lot of time this week with them because they’ve been showing us around and introducing us to all the less actives, members, and their investigators, many of which they are giving to us (seriously, SO nice)!! The funny thing is that Lontué A and B aren’t actually divided, both our companionships work in the same area and with the same TINY branch, we just work separately and find for ourselves. This past week Hermana Joglar and I contacted over 140 people and had we already have like 16 new investigators (according to the qualifications for new investigators in PMG). OH, by the way, you were telling me more about the leadership position for sisters... my comp IS the leader for this area of the mission, which covers like 2 zones. She seriously is so awesome! 

She and I live in this TINY Chilean home with a super sweet widow, she is awesome! I just wish I could understand her... lol!  To be honest, I´m definitely wishing I had a sleeping bag right now though. As you know, Chilean homes don’t have heating, but some have mini electric heaters ...our’s doesn’t.  I asked the Mission President about whether or not I should buy one the day I got here, and he was like no, no, no, no, you won´t need one! We give you 3 thick wool blankets and you can go to a store here (their equivalent to Wal-Mart) and buy a caliente cama (electric blanket) and you won’t be cold!  BUT I think normally the houses missionaries stay in also have little electric heaters.  I haven’t had time to buy a caliente cama (electric blanket) yet, but Hermana Joglar and I are having fun figuring things out.  In short, I´ve learned to wear at least 3 layers to bed plus a hat and mittens. Meanwhile Hermana Joglar wears her robe over here pjs and then tucks the cats in her blankets with her (oh, yeah EVERY ONE here has cats, including Hermana Novoa, the widow sister we live with) she claims they are like mini heaters. Seriously though, we have SO much fun! Everything is just like an adventure for us, even for Hmna. Joglar because she served the majority of her mission right in or around Concepcion. I love Hermana Novoa, ella es BUENISIMA (she is SO GREAT), BUT there just isn´t enough room in her house for us.  Hmna J and I sleep in one room and we keep all our suitcases in another because it´s so small!  Hermana Joglar and I have become pretty creative though. This week we started using our hair dryers as heaters by shutting the doors and plugging in our hair dryers and just propping them up until our room is warm enough that we´re not shivering. The only problem is that I think the electricity here is weird(er) than it should be because Hmna Joglar has had two adapters for her whole mission that she started using here and one already broke... likewise, my adapter broke :(((  The socket got too hot and my hair dryer just shut off.  I looked at my adapter and it was like melted around where the prongs are... hopefully, I can find another one here somewhere in the boonies of the Concepcion mission.

My area is one of the areas that is going to be in Rancagua mission soon (3 months).  So if I’m here for longer than 3 months, I´m going to be in the same mission as David Archuleta! LOL that is, assuming he doesn´t get moved to the mission above Rancagua. Hah.

I wish I could explain everything better, but I really wouldn’t know where to start! Everything is GREAT! I mean, sure sometimes ... scratch that... ALL the time I’m exhausted,  and sometimes it gets old not being able to understand too much of what is going on in lessons and what not, but really, really this has been the coolest week in my entire life! Me encanta la vida misional!!!  (I am enchanted with the mission life).  And, I am actually learning pretty rapidly according to a lot of people.  In fact, this morning one of the traveling assistants, Elder Hernandez, told me I had a good accent like a Latina! LOL …it was definitely an exaggeration but it made me feel awesome none the less!

This past week, two scary things happened, 1). the traveling assistants came and spent part of a day with us, just kind of observing, and 2). I had to bear my testimony in sacrament meeting, but in my opinion, all went pretty well …well, I survived to tell about it :)
Today for P-day we played basketball with a less active member and the elders at the church here in Lontué, then went to Molina to play soccer with the rest of the Elders in our zone, THEN we went with a recent convert to help her friend take down her stand in the flea market, emphasis on the word FLEA, the name for it makes all too much sense here.  Getting fleas or something of the sort is probably my biggest fear! Lol

I´m loving life here in Chile, everything is SO different and SO cool, and hopefully by the end of this transfer I will be able to communicate sufficiently with the people here.  I love them.  They are awesome! Even when they call me Gringa, I know they mean it in the most endearing way possible, they are SOOO loving here!
Coolest adventure of my life!!!!

I LOVE MY LIFE!  I LOVE CHILE!  I LOVE MY MISSION! ... OH and I miss you :) 

I hope all is well at home! tell the kids I love them and kiss them for me!
I gotta go pretty soon so I have time before the end of P-day to play guitar! Hmna Joglar and Elder Turner have one!

I guess I have a little more time…so, some other things I remembered that you might appreciate... I met Hermana Lovell when we got our trainers assigned to us. I told her we followed her blog. I liked her, she is super nice.  She is training Hermana Berbert (another blog we follow)...I’m sure they’ll be an amazing team together.

Un poco mas (A little more)... we get whistled and hollered at all the time! I’m almost used to it, but that’s easy because I can’t even understand the majority of what they are saying.  It might be a little different when I start understanding though.  Oh, and as of yet my allergies for cats (and everything) have been fine, and I even pet multiple cats every day.  I probably pet more cats than dogs because dogs here are like rodents, many flea infested yattah, yattah,  so I try to only pet the nice looking dogs.  If they look mangy or nasty and they try to come up to me to be pet I usually call them diablo because I don’t want fleas!  I had a mini scare the other day that I  had fleas but it turns out it was all in my head, before then I’d pet any dog I saw, but since then I’ve been more careful. lol   I LOVE YOU!  Until next week xoxoxoxoxoxoxo  

P.S.  the mother’s day thing will be done over Skype and if I can’t remember my password I will be making a new one. but yeah, hope the internet cooperates or I’ll cry.  lol 

Hermana Davis

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