Friday, April 12, 2013

Unexpected update (Thanks, Pulsiphers!)

A missionary couple (the Pulsiphers) working in in Chile posted this picture and the following update on their mission blog:

"We just had "cambios" (companionship changes) this week.  Hermana Davis is on the left, and this is her second day in Chile.  She told me her parents follow our blog.  I can report that she is full of enthusiasm and her Spanish is really good!  She was asked to read in our training session and she did great!  I was super impressed with her.  Her trainer is from Argentina and she is really fun and full of pep.   Right now they are living with a single sister in Lontué because the house we were planning for them, had a few problems; (no electricity and the toilet didn't work;  You are in Chile now, Hermana Davis!)  They are living in a nice, typical, Chilean home in a quiet neighborhood.  We'll take good care of her."

Link to the post on the Pulsipher's blog: 

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