Monday, April 29, 2013

3rd Week in Chile (Lontue w/ Hna. Joglar)

Hola, Hola!

This weeks been an interesting one! I got to travel to the mission home this week with the rest of the new missionaries for the Conferencia de Nuevos Misioneros (new missionary conference). The conference was SOOOOOO good! Super inspiring, super informative, super helpful, super fun!! Especially because I got to see all the sisters from my district in the MTC as well as the 3 sisters from the advanced MTC district, Hermanas Call, Oldroyd, and Holland. Hermana Call started training the week I got to Chile, Hermana Oldroyd started training the week of conference!  How crazy is that!!  I can´t remeber which one of them said it, but somebody was telling me,¨You´re next!¨ ... scary thought!  Another reason it was super awesome is because they divided the conference into two, one for native Spanish speakers and the other for us gringos, so it was a whole TWO days of speaking English!  It was like better than Christmas! ;)  Seriously though, the conference was SOOOOO good!  I absolutely loved hearing from and being taught by the President and his wife, and the AP's (Assistants to the President) .  They´re so awesome and helpful!  OH! and Hermana Humphrey told a group of us sisters to write home and tell our parents ¨Thank you, thank you, thank you for raising such wonderfully prepared children!¨  She is the cutest!  I just love her! 
The funny/ironic thing about going to the conference was that the 1st day of the conference, I woke up and realized that my companion had ¨blessed¨ me with her sore throat and cold... the ONE time I was away from my  medicine (which I hadn´t packed) and packets of tissues.  Hermana Humphrey pretty much saved my life those two days (she´s like mom and always carries various medicines in her purse.  lol). The first morning, since I didn't have ANYTHING else and I had to do something about my throat, I ended up taking some Midol I had stashed in one of my backpack pockets in case of emergency.  It was later that I found Hermana Humphrey and she supplied with with some Dayquil and like half a pack of napkins.  It was super hilarious!  The Hermanas sitting around me and I just laughed every five seconds when I had to blow my nose or sneeze and thus had to pull out a napkin from my over-stuffed jacket pocket (full of napkins)!  We definitely made an adventure out of it. 
This week has been a little tougher because our numbers (key indicators) haven´t been as great (mostly because we only had like half the week to work in our sector - me being in Concepcion and all - and that's always a little discouraging.  Also, my comps been a little blue this week, but we've been working together through everything and just keeping our heads up, enjoying the little moments and laughing at the little ironies always involved in everyday mission life.  She just let me know this week that she's actually bipolar (it was good to know, and she wanted me to know because if ever things got a little weird, I would always think it was because of something I did and she wanted me to know that it wasn't).  We're figuring things out. :)  I really don't want to portrait my companion in a bad light.  The good thing is that we are still (and always) best friends and I really do love my companion so much.  Besides, Heavenly Father is always watching over us, and He continually shows me His hand and perfect knowledge of EXACTLY what I need.  For example, today my comp had to go to a leadership meeting like 3 hours away.  So last night I had to come out here to Rauquen and join another sisters companionship. Before I came I was kind of dreading it, BUT it was EXACTLY what i needed!  The sisters I am with live in a house with 2 other sisters.  None of them speak English, but they are all so great and so fun!  Last night instead of making me sleep on the floor we got the idea to push the two bunk beds together and fit 3 girls on the bottom bunks.  Adventure time!  It was super fun to be with them!  We were telling jokes and stories from our experiences that day and that week, teasing each other, and stuff like that.  It's been super fun!  Just what I needed. :)
Tomorrow I have my very first zone conference (my companion's LAST)!  I´m super excited, I looooove conferences!  I´ll have to take some fun pictures and send them to you next week (if i can actually remember my converter cable) lol.  LOVE YOU TONS AND TONS AND TONS AND TONS!!!!  Miss you SO much!  Can´t wait to talk to you on Mothers day WOOT WOOT!  Have an awesome week! You´re the best family in the WHOLE WORLD!
OH, and I meant to put this in my blog but, to answer your question about completos (Chilean style hotdogs)...Yes, I've eaten 5 days out of the week,  I SWEAR!  Chileans have like 2 favorite foods, Casuela, and Completos...but I've only bought a completo once (and you HAVE to ask for it without mayo or they will CAKE it on here *gag* lol).   Casuela is like stew, except that they don´t cut up the ingredients. They put in whole potatoes, whole chicken legs (or livers or hearts) or mystery meat/ribs, whole potatoes, whole slices of corn on the cob and whatever else they like in it, and they serve it up whole too. It pretty much ends up being a whole potatoe, a slice of corn on the cob, a chicken leg, etc in some soup broth.  It´s a challenge to eat gracefully (and with out getting some on you or your comp), but always an adventure and I'm lovin' it!


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