Monday, July 15, 2013

My Birthday (almost)

Guess what!!!  I'm leaving!  I totally called it.  I'm not going to lie, I'm really, really going to miss Lontué and all the people here and the friendships I've formed...and especially the converts, BUT I'm very excited to go see other parts of the Rancagua mission and go and work in the new area where the Lord needs me.  My new area is called Buin, and it is actually the farthest north in the Rancagua mission (from the farthest north in Concepcion to the farthest north in Rancagua) lol.  I don't remember the name of my new comp but she is from Argentina and is lider entrenadora de las hermanas (training leader of the sisters).  Today (even though we have cambios and everything), the zone got together for another barbeque and mini get together for my birthday, yeah...I'm loved ;). lol  It was super fun, gosh, I love my zone!  We took a bunch of pictures and wrote in each others mission books and ate meat and also CAKE!  Woohoo!  The zone sang to me and everything, it was way awesome! 
This week Hano got baptized and confirmed.  Gosh, I love that kid!  I'm going to try to send pictures and maybe even a video of the activity from my comps camera if I can.

The baptism this week was super awesome and I love the people here SOOOOOOOO much.  I hope it's OK with you mom and dad...I've been promising everyone that I will come back and visit when you guys come pick me up.  SO, we already have stop number 1 planned out.  I can't bear the thought of never seeing them again, so, just so you know, that's the plan! lol 

As of yet, I have not received the packages you sent, but I'm hoping Wednesday in our district meeting I will get them, but if not, no biggy.  I'll get them soon enough.  
OH!  Something I forgot, last week we had our zone conference with the new mission President!  He is great!  He sat at our table while we were having lunch so we got a little more time to talk to him and it was really fun because I had the opportunity to make him laugh, and he is funny too!  I was like, YES, good first impression with the Mission Pres!   I made him laugh!  Score!
Other than that, not too much is going on.  Love you tons and tons and tons!  Congrats daddy on serving so faithfully for the past 5 years.  You are my hero para SIEMPRE [ALWAYS].  LOVE YOU!  Kiss the kids for me and smother them in bear hugs for my birthday. 

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