Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 17's letter received a week late.

Sorry my letter is coming so late today!  [Actually, a week after it was written].
We had our mission conference to say goodbye to our mission president today in Concepción, so we just got back to Lontué a little bit ago. It was really fun visiting Conce for the last time and seeing all my buddies from other Zones and my MTC buddies for the last time.  The only other missionaries from my MTC group (generation) [that are changing missions too] are: Hna Berbert, Hna Tidwell, and Elder Jensen.  Saying bye was pretty sad but there are so many things to look forward to that it makes it a lot easier!  It was also super sad watching Pres. and Hmna. Humphrey leave after we sang them "Para Siempre Dios Esté con Vos" (God be with You Till We Meet Again).  Everybody was crying!  But their words and testimonies that they left us with were so powerful, animating, and touching!  It was a super cool experience, one I will surely never forget!

Nothing out of the ordinary this week, but I can tell some funny stories about borrachos [drunks]. There is this one guy in Lontué; I swear he is ALWAYS drunk!  And whenever he sees me, he stops and tries to speak English to me.... He knows like 3 words... But this one time we ran into him, we were walking on the sidewalk minding our own business, and he came riding by on his bike, sees us and halts.  He starts trying to speak to me in English: "Espeaking engleesh?" and of course, I play dumb.. "HUH? What? No entiendo, no, no hablo ingles."  But he wouldn’t stop bothering us.  He persists every time! (for example, one time he took me by the hand AND WOULDN’T LET GO, and said to me, "Yo se lo que tu haces." [“I know what you do”]... Creep!  I don’t think he understand that I am a MISSIONARY.  This time he persisted until my companion finally stops him and says, (in spanish) "No! My companion doesn’t speak English!" 
"Does she speak Spanish?"
"NO, and she doesn’t understand Spanish. She speaks... uhh, Japanese!"
"Ohhhhh... then explain to her what I said."
Then he tries to continue on, on his bike but crashes into to curb, does an "s" like curve then continues riding crookedly down the street. 
Fun fact about Lontué, it is SURROUNDED by vineyards and wine-presses, SO the wine here is super cheap, hence more drunkards. FUN STUFF! lol
Anyways! I don’t have a ton of time, but I love you all SOOOOOO much!  I hope you have a WONDERFUL, fun-filled, adventurous week!
You are always in my prayers!  I’m so proud of my siblings!  Thanks to the Primary for the poster, I love it! That was SOOOOO sweet!

P.S., found my camera cable... lost my camera

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