Monday, July 8, 2013

Week 19, (Lontue w/ Hmna Rojas)

[My apologies.  This is an old post that was accidentally deleted and by re-doing it & putting it back on Ynez' blog I am probably re-sending it to everybody]

Howdy, Howdy! 
Estoy super feliz! [I am super happy!]  Today has been super fun! 
A fun little story from this morning.  The District Leaders called us this morning at like 8 A.M. to tell us we were going to have a Zone activity - play soccer and have a barbeque…and he also INFORMED us that we would be having it here in Lontué, and that the Zone Leaders needed us to find a barbeque to use...AND that we had 5 minutes to do so!
"Lo harán? Estan comprometidas para hacer lo?" [“Will you do it?  Are you committed to doing so?”]

"5 Minutos?? No sabemos, Elder.  Pero vamos a hacer nuestro mejor esfuerzo!"  [“5 minutes?  We don’t know, Elder.  But we will give it our best effort!”

"Pero no se preocupen Hermanas, tenemos harto fe en ustedes.  Yo se que ustedes son capaz para hacer esto!"  [“But don’t worry yourselves, Sisters; we have crazy faith in you two.  I know that you are skillful/capable enough to do it.”]

SO, we started calling people in the branch like mad …AND...we did it! lol  Then later, the zone leaders called, (in Spanish): "Hey Hermanas, do you have a hair drier by any chance?"


"Dont worry about it... have faith!" 

"OOOOO.K..... "

Five minutes later the phone rings again and once again, it’s the zone leaders.  I answer: "What do you need?  my straightening iron now,


"Haha, no...but, do you have stuff to paint finger nails??  Just kidding, we need an extension cord!" 
Fun stuff.  We’ve got the best zone in the world!  I wish we could all stay for our whole mission. lol!

Fun adventure this week: We locked our keys inside our house.  None of our windows open, BUT, there is a window in our bathroom that opens into our shower that doesn’t close.  We’ve got it covered up by cereal boxes taped to the wall.  We ended up having to kick in the boxes and I climbed in the window.  To be honest, I don’t know how I did it!  The window is tiny!  Let’s just say it didn’t feel very good.  I’ve got some pictures in my comps camera that I’ll send. 

Otra Aventura [Another adventure]: one of my boots broke this week. 

The zipper broke off one side, so I had to walk around for the day with some rubber bands holding it shut (pictures coming!) until Shania, our recent convert, gave me some of her boots that didn’t fit her.

It’s been a fun week!  We had companionship study with our District and Zone leaders and we did some practices for Sarita and her family, practicing being bold.  It really paid off, because even though Ramon (papa) is super closed and stubborn about meeting with missionaries and talking about religion, one night we talked with him about religion for almost an hour, AND he let us come over and hold a family home evening with them.  We showed them 17 miracles. BUT the coolest thing, the climax of our week, was yesterday, our District Leader called and told us that the Zone Leaders wanted us to go and get Ramon to sign the baptismal form (to give his permission) for Hano, and they wanted us to find out if he was willing to marry Sarita so that she could progress…or if not, we needed to drop her as an investigator.  I’m not going to lie, on the way over there, I was shaking in my boots!  We arrived at the house and they had a bunch of friends over visiting, but we called them over anyway and asked if they could talk for just a few minutes.  At first, we asked permission for Hano.  (Just a little background, they have asked permission to baptize Hano before, and Hano and Sarita said that when they asked, Ramon got angry and said, “no”, he wouldn’t ever give permission because Ramon is Evangelico [even though he doesn’t go to church] and that Hano was baptized Evangelico). - After we asked Ramon, he said, face of stone, "You want my permission to baptize my son?"
"Hano, you want to get baptized?"
"You know what that means?"
"That means no complaining on Sunday morning if you are tired or don’t want to get out of bed. That means you are committing to go to church every Sunday morning and I never want to hear any whining about “I’m tired” or “I dont want to”... You really want to be baptized?"
"Are you sure?"  
Ramon goes quiet...
"Ok... then, you have my permission."

I almost jumped for joy right then and there!  It was super awesome!
However, we then talked to him about getting married and he said, “no”, that he is not willing. So we have to drop Sarita as an investigator, BUT I’m really hoping that with time Ramon will soften up even more (especially if he is able to come see Hano get baptized) and eventually they will all get baptized and become an eternal family!  AHH!  I would love that so much, I really love their family!  

One time, we were talking with them and somehow, bears came up.  I told them about dad’s bear how it’s mounted in the living room and how I’ve eaten bear meat and everything…and "that’s why I am so strong" (joking around of course) and now Ramon calls me "Oso" [bear]…or "Gringa" - depends on the day. 
SO anyway!  Hano is getting baptized this weekend!  WOOOOHOOOOOOOO!  (We bumped it up a weekend in fear of cambios, [companionship changes] which we will know next Monday). I’m scared to death.  I have really fallen in love with this sector and especially the people here.  I have been begging Heavenly Father to give me one more transfer, but also to let His will be done.  He always knows what best for us.  We will see what happens!
Something else, I got sick again this week.  I randomly woke up one morning with a mild case of bronchitis, but I’m getting better now :). 
Tomorrow we have our conference with the new mission president here in Rancagua, por fin voy a saber algo acerca de la mision Rancagua!  [Finally, I will know something about the Rancagua mission!]  lol 
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another broken shoe

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