Monday, December 23, 2013

Crooked smiles, smelly feet, and a Merry Christmas!

So, I have some "fun" news to share with you!!!..... 
I woke up Saturday morning and.... walked in my usual morning-zombie style to the bathroom, running into the door frame on the way (because my eyes were only half way open and blurry) and went to squint and clear my eyes and noticed that I couldn't... well at least not with one side. I could only flinch one eye, so I looked in the mirror and tried about 10 more times, nope nothing.  Long story short, I woke up with Bell's Palsy Saturday morning.  At first I was a little bit worried, so I called the mission nurse just to let her know what was going on, but after talking with her and hearing that it's only something temporary, I felt much better and from then on and have been making a joke out of it, saying that my companion took advantage of how deep I sleep and took her frustrations out on me.  She repeatedly slapped me in the face all night.  I make faces at people (the other sisters in the house) and ask them if they want a crooked kiss (because here every one says hello or goodbye by kissing them on the cheek, like in France, but only on one side not both) etc, etc, so I will be sending some picture so you can laugh with us and also so you don't get scared when you see your crooked faced daughter over Skype on Wednesday.
Christmas day Skype snapshot of Hmna Bell's Palsy

Elder Wall, (the husband of the couple missionaries) gave me a blessing on Saturday and today I'm going down to Rancagua to pick up a prescription with the mission nurse, Hermana Jet.  So, I will probably be better in like 2 or 3 weeks, until then, my companion and I will keep laughing and making a joke out of how everything comes out one side of my mouth if I'm not eating or drinking carefully, how I can't whistle, or make kissy faces.

Also, I found out last week that I have athletes foot, so fun! haha fun fact on athletes foot: did you know it is actually a fungus that grows on your feet and causes blisters and itching sometimes... but I've already got my special foot cream for that, NBD.  It's pretty much taken care of now.  To be honest, I think I might have gotten it from my companion because she had it when she got here, but it can also just come from have such terribly sweaty feet.  There's really nothing we can do about that! Imagine, mom, flats, all day every day in the middle of SUMMER.  Basketball feet have got NOTHING on sister missionaries' feet.  .... Hahaha and here I am exposing the secrets of missionary life. Enjoy!

The work continues going well!  Rene is going to get baptized this Saturday, yipeeeeeee!!!!!!! He and Ana are SO cool! haha   Other than that not too much going on that I can't tell you on Wednesday.
Today we had a zone water war. it was a surprise for the rest of our zone that we four sisters planned.  We divided into two team, Nephites and Lamanites, Nephites painted their faces blue and Lamanites red. Before the activity my comp and I (and the other companionship that lives in our house) filled up TWO HUNDRED water balloons, so when every one came, divided into teams, and painted their faces, we went out to the court out back and battled.  The thing is, all 200 water balloons went by in about 3 minutes, y todos quedamos con las ganas de tener una batalla GRANDE [and everyone was left wanting to have a HUGE battle], so, what do we do?  We remembered the fire hose inside the church and haul it outside and start using the buckets filled with water and the fire hose... it pretty much turned into a free for all as far as lamanites vs nephites went.  It was SUPER fun and every one ended up SOAKED!  It was a blast! ... and yes, of course, we cleaned up after ourselves :) 


P.S.:  It turns out I can't send pictures; this computer is being complicated, but I'll see if I can send them through Skype on Wed...but just prepare yourselves to see my face half paralyzed! lol

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