Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 41 (Buin w Hmna Arias)

Hey mom and dad... fam and friends,
ANOTHER great week!  I feel like I am just living the life here.  Every monday when I come to write ANOTHER great week has passed with some kind of awesome miracle.  This week not all too much happened, BUT Rene, the husband of Ana (who got baptized last weekend), informed us that he knows the church is true and that ... wait for it.... HE WANTS TO GET BAPTIZED!!!!!  He has been reading the Book of Mormon a lot, as well as "True to The Faith" and pondering and praying a lot and has (as promised in Moroni) recieved a witness from the Holy Ghost that these things are true.  Haha, I guess what we'd said, jokingly, about him being Zeezrom wasn't so far off.  ¡Profecía!  lol jk This sunday he came to church and was so so open and that was very cool for us to see!  Even his countenance has changed substantially! You can see it in his eyes that he is humble and eager to learn now.  Ana is even more excited (especially since we recently taught her about eternal marriage) and is already planning for a year from the 28th (Rene's baptismal date) to go to the temple! haha she's adorable! 

The new couple missionaries, Wall's, made us lunch yesterday, and I'll be honest when I first sat down and saw that it was a more american home-style meal where every one dishes up their own plate with american style burritos, etc.  I was pretty excited thinking, hey! this will feel just like home! But throughout the lunch I honestly felt more and more OUT of place and hesitant.  I feel like I have forgotten ALL my american etiquette!  Al final, terminé con ganas de quedarme siempre en Chile.  [In the end, I ended with the desire to just stay here in Chile forever].  The Wall's are so great though and so, so nice!  They're wonderful!
Unfortunately, we didn't get to see the Christmas devotional because (in Chilean time) it started at 10, la hora que entramos la casa [the same time we have to be back home].  BUT, this week we have our Zone Christmas activity Saturday and if President decides that it's worth it, they are going to re-broadcast it for us missionaries on Saturday in the afternoon. 

This week we put our mini Christmas tree up and decorated it.  It was cute and fun but even though we put up the tree and have been listening to and singing only Christmas music, I still don't feel like it's Christmas too much, but I'm OK with it!  I'd rather not recognize so much that it's Christmas this year and be able to keep focused and working hard than get homesick. lol.
By the way, how's the rest of the Davis clan doing?  Haven't heard much from or about anyone besides the Loudon and Brian Davis family.  How is everyone else doing? How are all 30-someodd of my favorite cousins doing? (or have we reached 40 yet?) What is the latest? :)

Anyways, all is well here, happy, working hard! Thank you so much, Daddy, for you letter're right, it's time to pour it on!  Davis style. Mom, you're a stud woman!  I cant even tell you how cool I think it is that you're working on your YW medallion!  Keep rockin it!  OH! I almost forgot, I found a quote that I LOVED and had to share with you this week:
"[Missionaries], I hope you appreciate the sacrifices which your parents so willingly make in order for you to serve. Their labors will sustain you, their faith encourage you, their prayers uphold you. A mission is a family affair. THOUGH THE EXPANSE OF CONTINENTS OR OCEANS MAY SEPARATE, HEARTS ARE AS ONE." -President Thomas S. Monson
I cried when I read it! I know it to be true! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do! For your prayers, for your thoughts, for all your sacrifices!  I simply could not do this with out you. I love you.
su lío,
Hna Davis

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