Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 44 - (San Fernando w Hna Castañeda)

Haha shoot!  It looks like Facebook and Samy kind of stole my thunder in telling you I got transferred and that I'm going to a place called San Fernando, or should I say, I am IN a place called San Fernando. We found out our transfers on Saturday morning, but this time around, instead of traveling on a Tuesday (because of New Year's eve), we traveled first thing this morning.  So I am already here in San Fernando with my new companion Hermana Castañeda.  I finally broke the companionship pattern, now its: Argentina, Peruana, Argentina, Peruana, MEXICANA! haha 
So leaving Buin... (insert broken heart here)...was a rough one.  Six months and you really feel like that's YOUR home, and YOUR branch, YOUR people, YOUR adopted family.  Hermana Arias and I came up with the fact that las tres cosas mas FEAS en la mision son [the three UGLIEST things in a are]:
1) cambiando de un sector [changing sectors]
2) matando o dejando investigadores ["killing" or leaving behind investigators]
3) PACKING... Oh, how I hate packing! especially when I have to find a way to fit 6 months worth of accumulated items into 2 suitcases, and some hand bags... but in the end every thing turned out OK and I was able to get all my stuff from point A to point B,  so all is good in the neighborhood! :) 
The branch in Buin is so wonderful!  They all gave me so many hugs and gifts to remember them by and everything... one of the formerly less active members we worked with gave me something she had made by hand and it is SUPER cool!
I just love them all sooooooo incredibly much!  It's always hard to say goodbye, so I just tell everyone that we'll keep in contact and that I'm coming back to visit them at the end of my mission.
Rene did, in fact, get baptized this last friday and his baptismal service was SUPER LINDO! It was so cool!  The Spirit was really strong, I am so happy for them both!  They are so special!  I want to be there when they get sealed in the temple in like a year.
Anyway, I am here in San Fernando, checking things far so good!  I have heard many good things about the area, except that its hot haha but I doubt it's hotter than Buin, so we're good in that sense. My companion came here to this sector in a "special transfer" three weeks ago, so we are pretty much going to get lost together, but that's the FUN part right?? haha Hermana Castañeda has the exact same time as me in the mission, and we've only been together for about 2 hours, but so far we are getting along really well!  She seems like a fun person who likes to laugh.  Obviously, it's going to take some time getting accustomed to my new area, but so far, I haven't seen anything I haven't liked and I know that whatever challenges come, that the Lord is shaping me to be the missionary that He wants me to be, and besides, I'm excited to be able to love and serve the people in this new area.  My comp told me that it's a small branch, like 50 people in Sacrament Meeting every week, and in the zone there are like 14 Hermanas and 6 Elders, ¡CALETA! (mucho) y muchas Hermanas... haha  OH!, And I am sharing houses with Hna Garcia again!  Love that girl!  She was in Buin with me for 2 tranfers, she is also the one who helped me out when I got lice, por lo tanto, tenemos algunos lasos muy fuertes lol  [therefore, we've got some strong ties]. 

So, everything is good! I'll keep ya'll updated!  If you get a chance say "Hi" to Samy for me and tell her I love her and miss her already! 

Btw, It was SOOOOOOOOO good talking to you on christmas!  Mom, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN FEEDING THE BOYS?!?!?!! could you PLEASE tell them to stop growing, and om goodness Trent, what happened to your voice?  It didn't just drop, I'm pretty sure it fell through the floor!  Poor kid was trying to tell me about his Christmas but I couldn't even pay attention because of how stunned I was listening to how deep his voice is, and John too!  What in the freak?? hahaaha You are all so big and handsome, Zoe is gorgeous, ... cuidela daddy! [watch out for her, Daddy] haha   Mom, thanks for laughing at my silliness! Love and miss you all SO much!  It was SOOOOO good to SEE and hear from you, me dio vida :) cuidense mucho! besotes!!!!  [you livened me up:)  take good care! big kisses!!!]

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