Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 42 (Buin w Hmna Arias)

So this week I didn't have time to read your emails before typing because I was trying to download and save all the wonderful things you sent me and because you both wrote a lot...which I LOVE! (keep it up lol)  So I'm just hoping there weren't any urgent questions you asked in your emails. If so, I will respond next week, but I am VERY excited to read your letters a little later.  I am ESPECIALLY excited that John and Lucien wrote me.  Those I did have time to read, hahaha  JOHN AND LUCIEN, I LOVE YOU BOTH SOOOOOOOOOOOO much!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your letters! and I can't remember for sure if I ever actually wrote/typed out happy b-day to lucien but it was on my mind the whole time I was typing that week, so if I didn't actually write it, I'm sorry and happy belated birthday Lucien, I love you!  

Thanks for up dating me on the fam! love it!  Oh AND, I got one of the packages this week when we went to the chapel where the mission office was.  It was the package with all the emails and with a card from mom (you made me cry, JERK ;)) and a picture, but the picture had no name so was that from Lucien? or John? or...? lol but as of yet nothing else has arrived.  OH, I also got a pouch mail from Nicole, dated.... brace yourselves... September 8th.... nbd I'm just happy I FINALLY got it.  I hope my christmas packages don't take so long... lol 

This week was a good one and it flew by because we had our zone CHRISTMAS ACTIVITY on saturday.  The first part was spiritual and we had in in the chapel, there was a talk by the mission pres. a couple christmas videos form the church website and like 5 musical numbers, one of which was Hna Welch and I.  I played "O Holy Night" for her on the guitar while she sang and I sang the harmony in the choruses. that was fun :)  We kind of threw it together last minute but it still turned out really well.  Thanks again for sending me the guitar music daddy :) the second part we had to change into play clothes and we went outside to play soccer, ultimate frisbee, dodge ball, and that game with water balloons where every time you catch it without it breaking you have to take a step back.  At one point, I got NAILED, but it was kinda the best moment of my life because it was blazing hot that day lol. 

Rene is progressing awesomely!  He just has more and more animo [excitement] every day! Valentina is having doubts and troubles due to having her head in the clouds with her 15 year old bf (who is catholic), and Luz is still doing alright but is working A LOT and therefore, has lost a little bit of her focus.  This weekend they went and stayed the night in Santiago, so they weren't able to make it to church, so their date for the 28th fell through, but that just means we'll move it up and keep working with them.  The only thing that's a little "fome" [maddening] is that the cambio ends dec. 30th and I have 6 months here..... so, I probably won't be staying, but you never know! lol   I'll at least be here for Rene's baptism which we are trying to see if we can move to the 25th so that (even though we are in the middle of summer and it's really hot) we can still have a "white" Christmas.
Other than that, we are doing well, working hard, and sweating a LOT... lot, lot, lot! haha Time here really feels like it's flying!  I cant believe I'll be talking with you just NEXT week! EEEEEP! ¡Que emoción!!! les amo mucho mucho mucho. 

Su misionera sudamericana, y su lío,
Hermana Davis

ps wanna hear a corny joke i made up this week? ¿Que dijo el agua que estaba aprendiendo español?... ¡no sabo nada!  jajaja... yeah, i know it´s super corny but im a missionary, therefore it´s acceptable, besides, my compi liked it! lol 

pps did you check out the thing??? interested to see what they have to offer


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