Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 51 (Rancagua, Zona Tupahue 1 w/ Hna Rojas)

Sorry, I'm going to be short this week because SAMY AND HNA IRRAZABAL ARE COMING TO VISIT ME! They are here in Rancagua right now waiting for me to finish writing so we can get together for a second before p-day ends! Can you believe it??  I'm so happy!  Hna Irrazabal (Micaela) came to visit and is staying a couple days with Samy so, yeah, they're coming down to see me this afternoon! 
This week has been great, I am LOVING my new sector!  It is actually a WARD inside of a STAKE, how cool right??? ...AND inside of OUR ward we have both the Patriarch AND a member of the 70!! Tomorrow we have lunch with the 70 and his wife (Elder Svec). ¡Que nervios! [Scary!] haha 
Anyways, I have been meeting a few of the members and everything and they are so great and strong! I'm REALLY excited to work with this ward! 
It has actually been REALLY great working with Hna Rojas again.  Since we have already been companions it was easy to find our working and teaching groove, now we are just working on improving it day by day and "raising the bar". She has been super patient with me in learning everybody's names and remembering who people are (because I'm actually kind of terrible at that), and also because our sector is HUGE and it's city so I get lost SO quickly! I feel like it's going to take forever to learn my way around! haha but it's ok! more adventures right?  LIKE I SAID, I'M EXCITED ABOUT IT.  

Mom, the day you called the office was the day of our district meeting and we were there in the same building.  So after we finish our meeting my comp wanted to go turn a few papers into the office, we walk in and Elder Dougher, the AP says, "Hermana Davis! I just talked to your mom!... literally like 2 or 3 minutes ago!" so I laughed and asked why and he told me why and I said "Awwww, my mom is so great!"  then one of the comisario, being funny says, "Nice job, Elder! Trunky for the day!" So I laughed and gave him a "as if!" look. jajaja so that was funny. 
Anyways, gotta fly!  Love you all!  Tell Zoe and Trent I'm working on their letters still 

hna davis

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