Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 49 (San Fernando 2 w Hna. Casteñeda)

So this week has been a good one! It kind of flew by, as did the cambio! I can´t believe we are going to know the cambios already on Saturday! But something we did find out already is that Hna Garcia (love her SO much) finally got her visa, so she will be heading out either Friday or Tuesday for VENEZUELA. She was originally called there but since visas there take 500 years she got called to this mission in the mean time, and the cool thing is that I saw her "be born" in the mission and now I will see her leave the nest of Chile Rancagua hahaha we are all very sad she is leaving US but very happy for her and happy for the people there in Venezuela because Hna Garcia will do amazing things with them there, SHE is amazing. I'm gonna miss her LOTS!

AND with that pending we are wondering what they are going to do with our 2 sectors.  It wouldn’t be surprising if they took advantage of the fact that hna Garcia is leaving, transferred either me or my companion to another area and put the 2 sisters that stayed here together, thereby closing a sector. IF that happens I'm hoping I'll get to stay here with Hermana GIles, she´s great! But really we don't know so this is all just speculation hahaha.

This week in our zone meeting we talked a lot about finding new investigators, because apparently our WHOLE zone has had problems lately with finding new investigators, and they challenged each companionship to find a certain number of new ones this week and committed us to do so, AND it was a higher number than we had had in a while, so we committed but were nervous about it. BUT the cool thing is that, that very day we did a lot of passing by contacts that we has made previously and seeing how they were doing and we ended up finding that number of new investigators IN THAT VERY DAY. It was really cool for us, and SUCH a big blessing and tender mercy of the Lord because we had been working hard and doing everything we could think of to find new people but hadn't been seeing great results, when all the sudden... BAM! All in one day hahaha then more throughout the rest of the week! Like I said, SUCH a big blessing!

OH! and that reminds me, when we passed by one of our new investigators, Cynthia, she let us in and we start talking a little bit asking her how she´s been with work and everything when all of a sudden her kid comes bursting through the front door saying there's a house on fire. Meanwhile we are thinking, Yeah right! we just passed by like 5 to 10 minutes ago, BUT sure enough we go  outside and about half a block away there is a house just going up in FLAMES. Talk about a pit in your stomach! And the WORST and scariest part was that in that part of town all the houses are built together, like they share walls, almost like condos or apartments, so the house next door is starting up too AND there are huge trees all around the house and with ONE gust of wind one of the big tree also goes up entirely in flames. It was crazy! (now I understand the whole mountain fire/santa ana winds situation... yikes!) Standing there awestruck, feeling helpless and not knowing what to do or how to help. Luckily someone had already called the Firefighters and they were on their way. When they arrived we watched as they set up all their gear and one man climbed up on  the roof of the neighboring house and started chopping at the roof with a pick ax trying to break through and create a gap between the two houses so that the fire wouldn’t keep spreading. I remember thinking how hot he must have been because he was standing there in shorts, with out a shirt on, and even from a block away we could see the sweat pouring down his back. It was all very intense. SO... after a little while there really wasn’t much more that we could watch and nothing we could do so we went inside to say a prayer (because our investigator was very shaken up) and try to teach a lesson.  It actually went really well, considering the circumstances, because we just did our best to tie her concerns and everything in with the principles we

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