Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 50 (San Fernando 2 w Hna. Casteñeda)



SO today has been kinda nuts and I still have to finish packing. This transfer they closed me sector AND the Elders sector, so now the branch here goes form having 6 missionaries to having 2. Hna Castañeda is going to Molina in Curico which is NEXT DOOR to Lontué. I am going to Rancagua, zona Tupahue 1 and my companion is going to be.... drum roll please.... Hna Rojas... AGAIN! I was kind of a shock at first, but now I´m excited about it, obviously we have some more work to do together, but now in Rancagua instead of Lontué. I have heard only good thing about the branch there, I suppose it will be a little bigger than the one here. I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that I'm leaving! This is record short for me! I'm used to going to places and getting settled in, but not this time! I love the people here they are super great. I´m going to miss them a lot, but at the same time it´s almost easier, because I didn't form ties AS strong as I did with the people I spent SIX months with in Buin, so it´s not AS hard to leave.

One fun adventure we had this week:
The sister missionaries from the other branch in San Fernando called us to pass us a reference of a lady who had just showed up all by herself 2 Sundays back that lives in our sector. She lives in a place a little ways apart from the rest of our sector called puente negro (it´s this awesome little place up in the foothills of the Cordillera-the Andes, if I did the math right between meters and feet I THINK its at about the same elevation as our house, asi que me sentí en casa). SO we call her and she tells us how to take the bus out there and where to tell the bus driver to let us off. First day everything goes smoothly, with out a single hitch, and she is GOLDEN by the way. Second day, not so much! So we tell the bus driver to let us off in Villa Cordillera, and he tells us he will let us know when we get there... soon enough we start seeing things that look really unfamiliar, like we'd never passed it before, and all of the sudden the pavement stop and we´re heading along in a bus full of people on this little dirt road. At this point I remember thinking... hmmm... weird! there must be more than one way to get to VIlla Cordillera because I've never seen this before. Then the bus stops and EVERYONE gets off... so we ask the bus driver... "How long till we get there?" and he looks at us and says "OH NO! I FORGOT! We passed it a LONG time ago!" SO we had to get off the bus there and wait for him to go up to another place higher up in the Andes and come back to get us. Turns out where we got off and waited was a camp ground in a place calles Las Peñas, and it´s SUPER GORGEOUS! It was kind of a blessing in disguise. SO long story short we waited for him there and rode back down with him to Villa Cordillera and when we got off the bus and our investigator, were worriedly waiting for us reprimanded him for getting us lost hahaha. 
Well, love you tons and tuns, EVEN THOUGH you bought a puppy with out me ;). TAKE CARE! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
Hna Davis

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