Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 64 (Rancagua, Zona Tupahue 1 [Villa el Sol] - w/ Hna. Arellano from Tabasco, Mexico

[We received this email the day after having an hour-long Skype session (on Mother's Day)...during which Ynez made a passing comment about being tired.  We read nothing into it except that "she was tired".  Although she started her email, "...between us Davis'", we thought it was too cute not to share] 

...between us Davis'

Haha, ok, funny story. Last night after talking with you guys, me quedé pensando [I was left thinking], wondering if I had come off wrong or made you guys worry when I'd whined a little bit about being tired, so I planned out in my mind to write today explaining that you shouldn't worry, that just in the last leg of my cross country races, EVEN THOUGH I was tired and spent, that I´d pour it on and sprint the last part in, like you´d always taught me to do, BUT then I print out my emails and realized that you´d totally stolen my analogy hahaha
but not to worry, I thought of another one...
Just wanted to make sure that I come of right; that I'm not slowing down or holding back right here at the end.  Am I tired? of course! haha but am I going to let that stop me??  PARA NADA! [Not for anything!] haha
I´ll do what you have always taught me to do, "pour it on", just like the time when we did the mountaineers route [on Mount Whitney] in a day and we were going back down the last set of switch backs with tired, jellowy knees and exhausted legs that felt like they could collapse on us in any moment, anybody that is "NOT a Davis" would think that we´d take it easy, a nice gradual descent to the car. But that´s not what my mountaineering, rocklimbing, hard-core, crazy, bonsai-ing parents have taught me! :) WE run to the car, "record" timing ;)
Now some of this might be a LITTLE bit exaggerated, but the point I'm trying to make is that you´ve taught me well, and I will do my very best and push my very hardest till the very end. 
Thank you for teaching me to do hard things and letting me have so many amazing experiences that I never guessed would help me in this kind of a way, I love and appreciate you more than words can tell, miss you tons and tons, doing my best to make you and my Heavenly Father proud. 

Hna Davis 

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