Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 63 (Rancagua, Zona Tupahue 1 [Villa el Sol] - getting a new "greenie"


Thank for all the updates, fam! you guys are the greatest!
And way to GO John and Lucien in your track meet, WHOOPED´EM ALL! ;)

This week has been crazy but not at the same time, crazy because we have been dvividing our time between two sectors, and trying to figure that out and the least complicated way to do it and also the way to do it that would require spending the LEAST amount of money on colectivos [busses] was a little stressful, but as far as the work goes things actually turned out pretty dang good!  Despite all the craziness we were actually really happy with the outcome of the week, and it was also good because Hna Sutherlin and I get along really well, and it was kind of fun speaking English again!  But I´m not gonna lie, I DO sound pretty stupid sometimes when I´m speaking English, but´s like the Spanish to English translation version, for example when we are walking in the street and I´m leading the way and I say "for here" which is a direct translation of "por acá" which pretty much means "this way", but I got so accustomed to saying "por acá" that when I wanted to say the same thing in English I used the direct translation.  It´s one of those moments when you don´t realize how dumb something sounds or how much sense it DOESN´T make until it´s already come out of your mouth. The same kind of thing happened when I was explaining that something was bothering me and I tried direct translating the spanish verb "molestar" (to bother) into english (by using the root of the word and adding "-ing" = molesting)...yeah, that one made us laugh pretty hard!  I remember Hna Sutherlin turned to me and said, "I really hope you don´t pull that one again after the mission when you´re with someone who WON´T understand what you´re trying to say."
It´s moments like these that make you realize when you´ve actually started thinking in Spanish and not English. Haha

Something else fun that happened this week, this week we had Stake Conference! The coolest thing was that Saturday evening we found two new investigators (in Hna Sutherlin´s sector) and invited them for conference the next day AND THEY CAME!!!! That was a big huge miracle and super awesome!
Also, there was a member of the 70 at the conference so our leaders called us Saturday morning letting us know that we had to be at the Sat night session, so Sat night we went and the member of the 70 was talking about La Obra Misional y La obra de Salvación, [missionary work and the work of salvation] and in the middle of his talk he announces that he is going to call four people up to share their testimonies of missionary work; two missionaries, a parent of a returned missionary, and a future missionary. Then he also explains that these four people don´t know who they are or that they were going to have to speak, but that each one would come up on the spot and bear their testimony about the blessing of missionary work, and if they are a missionary, why they are here also.  Then the Elder starts reading off the names, "Entonces, vamos a pedir que las siguientes personas se pongan de pie y vienen al pulpito, en este orden: Primero, La Hermana DAVIS, despues, el Hermano tanto, despues, Elder Ralda,..."etc. [So, we're going to ask that the following people to stand up and come to the pulpit in this order: Sister DAVIS, then Brother so & so, then Elder Ralda...]  Can I just tell you that my heart almost jumped OUT of my rib cage! I was SOOOOOO nervous! But it was a really, really cool experience! 

I ran into President Warne afterward and he asked me how I´d felt, then he laughed and explained to me that 1 min before the Conference started the Elder (70) had gone up to him and asked him to pick a sister and an elder to bear their testimonies, and he´d picked me and one of the Pres.' Assistants. At the time I just laughed with him, but inside I was thinking, "YOUUUU did this too me!!! -_-" lol JK, it was an honor, and like I said, it was a really special experience being able to share my testimony of missionary work with all the members. 

SOOOO cambios [changes], Yes, it has been officially confirmed, I´m training! tomorrow.  I have to go to the mission home to pick up my new trainee. :)  Also, Hna Bokovoy is getting tranferred :(  I'm not very happy about that, I love that girl to pieces! But, as always, the Lord knows what He´s doing. 
This week we have another leadership council on Wednesday, so I will have to leave my brand newbee compi in a trio with some other sisters one her SECOND day, hahaha. Ohhh la misión. :) 

Anyways all is well here.  Mom, I already bought a new down coat at Líder, so don´t worry about sending my big coat...but a package woulds still be nice :) PREEEEEEETTY PLEEEEEASE. LOVE YOU! YOURE THE BEST MOTHER IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!

Hna Davis

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