Monday, May 26, 2014

Week 66 (Rancagua, Zona Tupahue 1 [Villa el Sol] - w/ Hna. Arellano from Tabasco, Mexico

Hyellow! (that´s how you say "hello" with a spanish accent, and also what all the teenagers yell at us from across the street hahaha)
It´s been a good but crazy week this week! 
Highlight of the week, one of our investigators, Tania, came to church yesterday, she is 17 and is one of those smart kids who is in high school and "pre-university" at the same time (like Lauren was).  This week we took our ward missionary, Liset (who is 18) to our lesson with her and we taught her about the gospel of Jesus Christ with a focus on repentance and it was a really awesome lesson, even though it got cut short because her parents came home and talking with us and wanting to eat dinner, etc. But Liset was really awesome with her about befriending her and inviting her to church, o she finally arrived! And the cool thing was that when she arrived Liset introduced her to Barbara, one of the YW who is also 17 and they really hit it off (the three of them) and Barbara and Liset were awesome about getting to know her and be friends with her super quick and also getting her phone number to invite her to mutual and everything!  It was really awesome.  I know it probably sounds weird, but it´s an awesome feeling when, as a missionary, you introduce your investigator to some members who then start talking and laughing and you end up standing there for no reason, just feeling like an ornament, and not needed! haha  It was just awesome to see the gospel in action and see the members doing their part fellowship, Tania unfortunately couldn't stay after sacrament meeting because she had to go visit her g-ma with her family, but after talking to the YW, I think she really wanted to! hahaha
Also, I think what helped with all that was that the day before, Saturday we´d had a mini MTC with the youth which also was really interesting and crazy (because it´s wasn´t planned all TOO well, but in the end it ended up turning out really well when they had all the returned missionaries get up and bare their testimonies to the youth, awesome, awesome, awesome! 
Saturday night the bishop called me and asked me to give a 15 min talk on la obra misional [missionary work] the next day, so I frantically prepared a talk Sunday morning, despite the short notice it turned out pretty well! 
Saturday night, like half an hour after the bishop had called and asked me to speak, I got a call from the Assistants to the President asking me to speak in the mission conference we are going to have on Friday with a member of the 70, Elder Salas, on Faith.  Luckily, it wont be in front of the WHOLE mission, just 6 zones...  hahaha
I'm super nervous and a little stressed about WHEN I'm going to write - let alone practice-  my talk. But everything is going to be fine, and I'm SUPER excited to be able to GO to the conference with Elder Salas, the last conference we had with a 70, Elder Viñas, was SUPER AWESOME!!!!!! 
Other than that,not too much going on! Working hard, keeping busy, being HAPPY! Love you SOOOOOO much fam bam! CONGRATS JOHN FOR GETTING THE PRIESTHOOD!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (TIMES INFINITY) MUCH!... NO ME! NO ME! NO ME! 

Your favorite SISTER missionary,

Hna Davis

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