Friday, March 8, 2013

Fri 3/08/2013 (AM) hand written letter (Wk 2)

Fri.(A.M), 3/08/2013

Hola de el CCM.  Como estan uds?  Les extrano mucho mucho mucho!  Estoy muy agradecido por todas las cartas!  Progreso poco a poco en espanol, mis maestros son increible!  Mucho ha paso despues de la ultima carta.  No se como puedo compartir todo que yo quiero, pero voy a hacer el mejor que puedo.

Translation: (*Hello from the MTC. How are you guys?  I miss you guys a lot, lot, lot. I am very grateful for all of the letters!  I progress little by little with Spanish, my teachers are incredible.  A lot has happened since my last letter.  I don't know how to share everything that want, but I am going to do the best I can.)

The reason I'm writing you as well as emailing later is because I don't think I could say everything i want in just 30 min on the computer and you know me, I like to tell you guys EVERYTHING!  It's hard only having 30 min to email...and also, you can't draw pictures when you send email.  I drew you a picture.  I think Zoe will appreciate it the fact, I think I'll just write to her on the back of it. 

I was just realizing after I got back from the temple that I'm  kind of getting over my homesickness, but not being able to talk you catching up w/ me so I can't express howmuch it means getting letters from you like every day.  I seriously LOVE gets me through. :)  Going to the temple was wonderful, but at the same time, it made it kind of tough  because before this morning, I'd never gone to the temple without my Mom.  After going to the temple, I have most of the day for myself.

I got your care package, it came just in time for P-day :)  THANK YOU!!!!!  I also got the stuff from Gma Lynn.  Tell her thank you for me.

Can you please tell everyone and post on Facebook that if they want me to be able to write them back, they need to put their address in their letter (HOWEVER, as much as I appreciate getting letters and feeling the love and support, while I'm here in the MTC, having time to write other people back is really hard to come least for now.  There just isn't enough time as is and with what little time I do have, I want to spend every second possible on talking to you guys).

I had a super special experience during mission conference on Sunday.  One of those experiences that is so sacred to you that, as much as you want to share it, you know you need to be careful about who you share it with.  So, I wrote it in my journal and waited all the way until today to tell ANYONE, and I just want to make sure you appreciate how hard that was for me.  You know I like to share things with people RIGHT AWAY and I almost died having  to hold it in until today (but I did it).  So I'm going to go to the copy shop later and copy my journal entry (so I don't have to write it over again) and send it with this letter.

I met three Hermanas here who got here on the same day as my district and who are going to Concepcion but are leaving on Monday (the 11th) three days from now.  They are in the advanced Spanish class.  One of the Sister's last names is Call so I told her we are probably related.  We figured out we are both descendents of Anson Call (cousins"ish"! LOL).  She is so cool though.  I love her and the other two, I hope we end up companions!!!

All my love,
Hermana Davis 

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