Friday, March 15, 2013

P-Day Letter - Provo, MTC (Wk 3)

March 15, 2013

So, I just finished emailing you, then did my laundry - actually still in the process of doing laundry.  The laundry room is INSANE in the membrane!  I’m sitting on the floor by my dryer with my district and some other missionaries from my zone writing my letter.  I took some pictures that I’ll send you "someday" so you can see how crazy the laundry room is.  Some Elders in my district spontaneously sat inside the laundry carts so I had to run and grab my camera and take some more pics.
Right now I’m listening to some Elders who randomly broke out in “Build Me Up, Butter Cup” and belting it, and the Elders from my district joined in…oh and now it’s “Aint No Mountain High Enough” LOL.  It’s pretty funny. :)

Thank you for sending the Blog link to LaLa, Kannon, Gino and Shane.  Next time you see Kannon, PLEASE tell him I LOVE HIM!  Oh and tell Brian & Tracie, “Thank you so, so much for the letters, I’ll try and get back to them soon (but if I take too long just write me again ;)”.
So glad Zoe and Trent loved their letters, I really enjoyed getting theirs & writing them back.  Tell them I will try to write again soon and sorry I didn’t this time but my schedule is CRAZY.  Tell all the kids I love them and hug them and give them big WET kisses for me.  And please made sure and do lots of snuggling on my behalf. 

I miss you all LIKE MAD.

MOM: Thank you sooo much for getting that stuff together for me!  You are the BEST - EN SERIO (seriously)!!!  No one else gets as much love from their family as I do, the only other Elder who gets as much mail as me is Elder Lawrence (funny guy) and he just gets it all from his novia (girlfriend).
So proud of you for being as brave as you are cleaning out my room. THANK YOU!  How did I get the Best Mom in the WHOLE WORLD?!?!?...Seriously, though!?  Oh and THANK YOU for taking the dog to the vet I love you, I love you, I love you, please keep me up dated on his health & if he keeps getting better (crossing my fingers).

Oh and Mom in Spanish, the word for “daily” is “diariamente”…yeah, I laughed too, then I thought of you :).  I guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.  Now whenever I’m trying to remember how to say “daily” I just have to think….”minty diarrhea”….OH! I remember now!”
On Sunday I got to watch the John Tanner Story. It was SUPER exciting.  While my companion & I were sitting there waiting for it to start, I was like a little kid, just sitting there with the stupidest ear-to-ear grin on my face like “I don’t want to brag, but…I’M RELATED TO HIMMMMMM!”
Anyways I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO  MUCH!  So much that it makes me dizzy sometimes when I think about it (kind of like the dizziness you get when you’re trying to wrap your head around endless time or worlds without end).

I could write for hours more but somehow I’m, once again, out of time.  This P-day has been a lot better though because, although I still miss you and think about you all the whole time it’s getting easier.
So I won in this game called “tres estriques” (3 stikes), where you have to translate 3 sentences Hermano U. says in English and write them down with correct spelling, conjugation, accents and everything.  Last time we played I was like 3rd place (in my district/class), but this time I SMOKED everyone! LOL
I have so much more I could say, but I am out of time now.

I love you all!  Miss you!  Please keep writing.

P.S. Thanks Mom & Dad for the blog, can’t wait to see it

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