Friday, March 29, 2013

Provo, MTC (Letter) - (Wk 5)

Oh my goodness!  I love you so much it drives me crazy!  How are you?
I’m SUPER exited to talk to you on Monday!  I decided that the kids need to just go to school late that day so I can talk to them all.  Another thing…I think that a disposable phone would be best because that way I won’t be tying me AND my companion to a phone booth for hours on end ;) and that way if anything odd happens with the phone booths or if I don’t want to hog it I can just call you on the mobile.  I don’t think any rules have been made about it.  I think it’s one of those “better to ask forgiveness than permission” situations.  I’m sure if I were to ask they’d say no because it could EASILY be misused and cause a lot of problems…but we all know I won’t do that!  I just want to talk to my family as much as possible while inconveniencing the FEWEST/least amount of people possible. AND if I have a disposable phone you can call ME if need be.  Like if you get busy and need to call me back.  So yeah, that is my opinion.  I just can’t wait to ACTUALLY talk to you!  It’s going to be the BEST THING EVER!  Because guess what….I LOVE YOU…and miss you!!!! And I will actually get to REALLY tell you about stuff!

Oh! …and that Sister you mentioned (Anna Berbert) is going to be our travel group leader according to my travel plans, so I should be meeting her, finally.

How did you find out about Karli Farmer (*a cousin who works in the MTC cafeteria)?  I’m so excited to see her now.  I’m going to stalk her down on Monday!!! LOL  LOVE, love that girl!!!

I think I pick Alma 7:9 for my plaque scripture.  Find a good picture of me.  Some pics should be coming your way via e-mail all the sisters in our district sent mass e-mails so we could share.  If there aren’t good ones on there check Face-Book, if that’s still not what you’re looking for, let me know & I’ll make some time to take a good one & send it.

So giving a talk in Church and in Spanish was scary, but I kind of felt like it was coming haha. Afterwards, the Branch President said “bien preparado” (*well prepared).  :-)  See, I’m a good girl!!  Even Hermano Urquhart thinks so!  I won estraiques (* 3 strikes) again this week (well, only kind of)  …Halfway through the game Hermano U. changed the rules so that no matter how many estraiques (*strikes) you had, if you got all 3 sentences right in a round you could come back in the game.  So pretty quick it was down to me and one other sister and she got out, I stayed in, but someone else got back in, which is kind of ironic because one of the sentences H. Urquhart made us write was “Hermana Davis won the game”.   (Because he was expecting me to win in that round but since other people got back in, I didn’t).  By this time everyone else had at LEAST 4 or 5 strikes and I only had 2, but for the last round, I finally struck out and another Hermana got back in so TECHNICALLY she won the game, but even Hermano Urquhart “whispered” to me in front of the whole class, “you actually won the game.” And at one point he said, “Hermana Davis es mi estudiante estrella” (*Sister Davis is my star student) and then pretended to draw a star next to my name on the board!  It makes me this: (& she drew a picture of a huge blushing and smiling face saying, “I’m a good girl”).  It’s kind of awesome because he’s the kind of person that people just naturally want to please or to be on his good side.

So, in response to your question, yes, I know Hermana Oldroyd! Love her!  She was one of Hermana Call’s companions in the MTC.

There’s this Hermana on our floor in our class building, Hermana Tolar, she looks like a princess!   But more importantly, she’s from Chile so sometimes she comes and talks to us about Chile and tells us some fun facts.

Recently, I started playing basketball during gym time.  I forgot how much of a workout it is!  It’s like freaking interval training, especially when I play with the Elders!  Gym rules are such that 2 sisters can play with Elders - they just have to guard each other.  I can’t really decide if I like playing with Elders or Sisters better.  I like playing with Sisters because we use a 28.5 ball, so “their balls aren’t big” (an inside joke & reference to one of Ynez’ most embarrassing moments).  But it’s pretty fulfilling playing with the Elders and watching their reactions as they realize I’m actually pretty good and they start passing me the ball more and more and making comments like “this sister is a baller!”, or my favorite (after I made a play on the inside underneath the basket)…”thanks for showing me how to do that move” lol. :-)

So my 1st investigator (H. Urquhart) Vincente is getting baptized.  We finally helped him resolve his doubts and set a date.  It was really cool though, we are learning so much about teaching.  It’s insane!  I love, love, love it!!!  I’m really learning how to LISTEN and to listen to understand, not just respond.

Did I ever tell you about Zach’s parents (the Asbell’s) being here in the MTC and coming and eating dinner with me?  I ran into them in line for dinner a couple of Sundays ago and they came and sat with me and my district and talked to me.  They are SOOOO SUPER SWEET and nice to me.

Another funny story: Prior to playing basketball I played a lot of volley ball with my district and I guess I like broke this Elders foot or something.  One day while we were playing, the Elder & I were on opposite teams and we ended up crashing into each other like through the net because we were both going to spike the ball over.  I was 100% OK but he kind of limped away and I remember laughing and saying some smart-aleck comment like “I like how I’m the girl and walked away fine!” …or something like that-trying to make a joke out of it (while at the same time telling him to put his man pants back on and at least HIDE the pain).  A couple minutes later he left the game.  Saw him the next day…..still limping…2 days later on crutches…4 days later a metal boot!!!  Is it bad that the first thing that comes to mind whenever I see him is “wuss”?  The other sisters and I joke about how DANGEROUS I am now.  They call him BF, or boot foot, or my friend with the boot.  We also joked that next, we’d see him in a wheel chair, and after that a prosthetic leg!  Poor guy!!!  I’m really hoping something ELSE happened to his foot, but we don’t know so pretty much everyone in my district jokes about it now, even the Elders.

Mom! I found another way that I’m like you!  We got the OPPORTUNITY to listen to some Elder puke outside our classroom yesterday.  As soon as I figured out who it was I started getting hand sanitizer from the dispenser and rubbing it down on everything.  At one point, later in the day, he came into our room and touched stuff so I went and borrowed the container of disinfectant wipes from the computer lab and practically wiped down our whole room.  Then I handed one to Elder Israelson (who had a cold) and said, “Wipe off EVERYTHING you have EVER touched.”  LOL.

I love my district and my companion, but I am also ready to get out there.  I will miss them but I’m ready to do what I came to do.

Tell each kid I love them!  Tell Zoe and Trent to write me again and I promise I’ll write them back this time.

Last full week in the MTC!  …can’t believe it!  I’m scared and excited out of MY MIND!!!!

I love you all XOXOXOXOXOXO .  Please, please, please keep writing everyday while you still can. I love you, I love you, I love you!!!!  So sorry for the messy writing and horrible grammar.

Hermana Davis

[Postscript info update by parents: a "disposable phone" to use at the airport was bought and overnight-ed to her at the MTC but the day before leaving, the missionaries were told that they should not have or use such electronic devices so Hermana Davis mailed it back home without using it.]

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