Friday, March 22, 2013

Provo, MTC (email) - (Wk 4)

Hey fam!

Things have been pretty great this week! Every day has been LONG and exhausting but when my head hits the pillow at night I'm happy with the day’s work.  My district is SO awesome!  So are my teachers!  We have all gotten SO close it's insane!  This week has been quite a "refining fire" kind of week.  Toward the beginning it felt like we were getting pushed a lot more, that we need to be speaking the language more and just be better missionaries in general, which is always hard to hear because you often feel like you are giving your all, but our teachers can tell that we've grown a lot and that it was time to set higher and higher goals.  This week we have set a lot of goals and done a lot of refining our goals so that they are better suited for our district. We started out with a goal to just speak Spanish (no English allowed at all) for like 5 hours a day (in between our classes where we have to use English) and we weren't being very diligent about it because we weren't enforcing the consequences, so we got creative (realizing how competitive our district is as a whole) and turned it into a game.  At the beginning of the day we all start out having one "charm' that we keep on our key-chains, and if someone else in the district catches you using English when you aren't supposed to they get to take your charm. At the end of the day the person with the most charms wins, and whoever wins the most during the week gets a reward at the end of the week.

I have been participating in the MTC choir twice a week, this week was REALLY special because we learned this brand spankin' new song that was written especially for us as an MTC choir to sing.  It is called "Like Ten Thousand Legions Marching" and it is a super awesome/perfect song!  The first time I read the lyrics through I got a little choked up and almost started crying (speaking of crying: Turns out I'm even more like mom than I'd hoped, since entering the MTC I've learned I too am I bawl baby when I feel the spirit. I seriously spring a leak at least once like every freaking day!  LOL). Also, when we performed the song on Tuesday, a film crew came and filmed us... turns out they are going to broadcast it in-between conference sessions on Saturday, I think they said it would be on KSL, so you should try to find some way to watch it, just in CASE I'm on there, LOL, AND because it's a freaking amazing song.  I'll write the lyrics at the end of my email if I have time. 

The MTC is AWESOME! I am learning SO much, every day is tough but I wouldn't change a thing about it!  When I first got here I was thinking, "Man, I cannot WAIT to get out of here and go to Chile!"... I feel a little differently now, BUT I am still WAY excited to go to Chile! Everyone has said, do your very best at learning the language, but when you get in the country don't worry too much, just do the best you can because you won't understand ANYTHING for like at least 2 months lol. Looking forward to that! ;P  Thank goodness for senior companions right?

I received BOTH the packages you sent, both were....well, MAGICAL!...(especially the first one). The sisters in my district were cracking up as they were "helping" me open it.

I've heard that when it rains in Chile that it rains from the ground up... not sure how that works, but what I take from that is that I'll want to be as water-proof as possible when winter hits.  So, yes, Mom, I will want the waterproofing you bought for my luggage and to water proof my shoes again.  A water-proof over skirt would be wonderful too!  (my comps mom found one somehow, it just looks kinda like a trash bag that you bunch up and stick in a little bag).

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Mom, for all the help and extras you sent… and you are not at all over the top, mother, you are just Mary Poppins perfect, it's kind of ridiculous ;)

I LOVE ALL YOUR FACES OFF TO DEEAAAAAFFFFFFF!!! It's kind of CRAZY how much I miss you!...but it's bearable now and it doesn’t make me sad very much anymore, it just makes me miss you and appreciate you all SO much more!


More coming.  I didn't have time to write lyrics so I’ll throw them in the letter (if I remember lol)  got to go now

ALL MY LOVE and appreciation,
Hermana Davis

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