Friday, March 22, 2013

Provo, MTC (letter) -(Wk 4)

Friday, 3/22/13

It is kind of hard writing you because soooo much is going on and I can’t even begin to tell you about 98% of it even though I want to so bad.
Here are the lyrics I promised:

    1. Like ten thousand legions marching
    Moves a mighty band of youth,
    Boldly taking to all people
    Zion's glorious song of truth.
    2. Out of ev'ry nation surging--
    Sons of Joseph, Israel's band--
    Now they spread salvation's message
    In the tongues of ev'ry land.
    3. Far across the mighty waters,
    Reaching ev'ry waiting shore,
    Seed of Abraham and Jacob
    Like a mighty lion roar.
    4. Come, ye nations, out of darkness;
    'Tis the time of Christ's return.
    Heed the Restoration's message;
    Let its light within you burn

It is just so cool and touching to me that I get to be a part of that!

It was pretty stinking tough getting the news about Ice.  (***Note: Ice is the family dog who veterinarians determined has cancer throughout his body and won’t live much longer).  I think that’s the first time I openly cried in front of the Sisters in my District…on accident.  I was sitting on my bed reading the letter, crying, while they were all talking and giggling.  Then my companion noticed I was crying and they all just went dead silent, suddenly alarmed and concerned.  Looking back it was moderately funny.  I’ll be honest, I felt really alone at the time because I’m away from family or friends who really understand and I don’t even have the time to grieve about it.  Later that night, when I thought everyone was asleep, I went out of the room and sat in the foyer cried.  My Hermanas came out and just sat with me and hugged me…and were surprisingly understanding.  One of the Sisters (Hermana Phelps) even asked me to share my favorite memories of Ice and tell them all about him.  It was the most perfect thing anyone could have done at that point.  Up to that point, I felt all alone, like no one understands how I feel about my puppy and how close and important he was to me.  (Especially since I can’t even make a big deal about it because he’s a dog and Hermana Phelps lost her Dad when she was 14!)  Yeah, but I was proved wrong!!!  :)  Another thing that has helped me a lot was being able to listen to the uplifting music available while on the MTC’s computer language learning system.  I really loved a song called “Give Me Jesus” by Fernando Ortega.  It really helps me get through.

I have been trying to bust out some letters today!  It is SOOO stressful to me because all of these INCREDIBLY nice people are writing me trying to be supportive…and I want to thank them and write them all back…but, with as little time I have here in the MTC, it’s overwhelming. (Just one example, Sister Brown sent me a sweet card and a NECKLACE! – love that woman!!  Please, tell her thank you for me)

I’m glad to hear you guys are spoiling Ice beyond belief.  I wish I was there to help.  Give him lots of love from me.  Zoe, I’m sorry I couldn’t write you back this week…I miss your face off.  Trent, Middle School is rough and stinks but you’re a stud so hang in there.  John & Lucien, I miss and love you all so much.  I wish I could write much more but, once again, am out of time.

All my love,
Hermana Davis

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