Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Week 45 (San Fernando w Hna Castañeda)

Hey fam!
This week has been a good one, but also a long one. We are working in a little branch (normal attendance is around 30 or 40) and there are 6 of us, two companionships of sisters and one of Elders. The Elders just got here in a whitewash, poor guys haha. But anyway, with all the new missionaries and changes the Elders wanted to try dividing the sector between the 3 companionships, so we agreed and passed the majority of our investigators and other people that we were working with on to the other companionships that are now in charge of them because they live in their part of the sector. It was really ok with me and my comp because neither of us have much time here so we didn't break any heart strings passing along people. But the funny thing was that less than 24 hours after we had divided the sector in three the Elders called us saying that they'd already walked their whole sector and wanted to see if we were going to work in a certain area of ours, because theirs is really small. My companion then lovingly RE-explained to them that although on the map our sector looks really big, it is actually small as far as people go because there are a lot of factories and fields, but we agreed to take out the limits between ours and the elders sector to have more space and what not. So this week we spent the majority of the time contacting and trying to figure out the limits and our way around our sector.  I'm not going to lie, I didn't feel really productive, but when you're just barely starting in a sector there aren't a lot of options. This coming week my comp and I are planning on asking for more references and utilizing the list of less actives MORE.  The good thing is that we have lots of faith and animo!  [enthusiasm] :) 
I am already learning so much in this new sector and even things I had been wanting to learn before (like my list of goals/way to improve) and I can already see how this new place and new circumstances are helping me improve and will help me to continue to do so and learn so many new things! It´s exciting really :) 
Other than that, not too much is going on.  Fun fact, the branch pres here is from Ecuador and has a special, tradicional pony tail. It was kind of funny when we entered his house because my comp wasn't ENTIRELY sure it was his house but she told me "this is it" and we knocked on the door and went inside and even so I had to ASK if he was the Branch Pres because he looks really young and because of the whole pony tail thing...but hey, cool! Also, we have been asking and offering to serve the people/members that we DO know a lot so that we can gain their confidence and it JUST so happened that the BPs wife needed someone to teach relief society, so I got the opportunity to teach.  Despite the nerves (which have gone away a LOT on the mission) I really enjoy teaching in church.  What else? What else? Things with my companion and good, I really admire her a lot because she really strives to be diligent and change to be more Christ-like and the difference shows. She has a really stong personality but it seems to me like she has really learned to master it here on the mission.  Something I absolutely LOVE about her is that she ENJOYS playing with hair and giving back scratches.... SCORE!!! haha She´s great, I already love her. 
ALSO I just realized this week (don't remember if I said this already) that this is the first time I've lived with another gringa haha and there are also a lot of other gringas in the zone and in our district meeting on wednesday I leaned over to my companion and whispered in her ear, "I feel weird being with so many gringas!" and she just started busting up and told me I couldn't say that lol   fun things! 
OH! otra cosa [another thing]! there is a LIDER relatively close by here, its like the Chilean version of Walmart-  double score!!! 
OH! my face! haha my face is all better! I mean there are probably little differences that I could still see if I made faces at myself in a mirror, but until today, we had no mirror in the house, and for as much I will not be sending a picture because I didn't have time to make myself beautiful to send one, but rest assured, I'm 99.99 percent better. :)
LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOOOO STINKING MUCH!!! Thanks for sending my saludos to Sammy, you're the bestest!  Lots of love and hugs and kisses!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO  

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