Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 48 (San Fernando 2 w Hna. Casteñeda)

This week was a good one!  We has our interview with Pres. Warne Thursday and, as always, it was EXACTLY what I needed.  It's like he's INSPIRED or something weird like that ;) because he ALWAYS tells me exactly what I need to hear, gives me the perfect advice and always helps me to calm down and not be so hard on myself. lol  Seriously, that man is so inspired.  Something that meant the WORLD to me when he said it and that helped me to let up on myself a little is when he reminded me that the Lord knows our hearts, and He knows the desires of our hearts and that is what counts, that He LOVES us and isn't a condemning Father.  He also told me that he (Pres. Warne) doesn't worry about my obedience and dedication to the work, and that he felt very strongly that Hna. Castañeda and I were meant to be companions at this time.  He reminded me that we as missionaries are called "to serve" it doesn't say in our letter that we are called to serve only Chileans or only investigators or that the only way we could serve was by baptizing people; it just says "called to serve" ...that can mean companions, leaders, other missionaries, etc.  He said maybe our mission here in San Fernando 2 (as a companionship) doesn't include baptizing somebody (because he knows it's a tough sector) but that the most important thing is that I (and we) keep doing our part and doing our best to SERVE, uplift, and strengthen those around us. 

Yesterday was a SUPER good day!  One of the converts I taught in Buin came to visit the branch to surprise me (Patricio).  I guess he made friends with one of the recent converts here in SF2, Belén, who is 16, on FaceBook, and they started talking and he decided to come visit to say hi to me and to get to know her.  It was super good to see him and to see that he just keeps growing at leaps and strides.  He wore his compromiso misional [missionary commitment] pin to church and he told me he can finally start his mission paper work this Tuesday because he will complete his 6 months of being a member, and then in 6 months more he can leave on his mission and he is DYING to go.  He is doing so well!  The week before I left Buin he got called as the first counselor in YM's and he's only 18!  Also, Samy told me this week that Rene [a convert from her last area] already has the priesthood and is blessing the sacrament, so he and Ana get to church early every week to take care of that; and that Ana already has an assignment in Relief Society as well as an visiting teaching asignment with Hna Paty (mi mama Chilena de Buin).  I was SO happy to hear about all that and to hear about their progress!  They are all SO great!  It makes me so happy!  

OH! back to yesterday night the four of us sisters got home and before we started our planning session, we got into a spontaneous water fight using out water-bottles... INSIDE the house. It was pretty epic and SUPER fun!  A great de-stresser.   Hna Garcia ended up locking herself in the bathroom to try to hide, but then we went to the bathroom window on the other side and started spraying her from there until she finally came out of the bathroom and my companion showered her with a 2 liter bottle of water. The whole floor was SOAKED but luckily it's all linoleum or tile so we finished our planning and mopped it all up, no damage done.  I took a video of the house afterward...mainly the floor. hahaha  I'll try to attach it.  It's in Spanish though. ...ooops, just tried and it's too big to attach so I'll send the "after" pictures.

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