Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 62 (Rancagua, Zona Tupahue 1 [Villa el Sol] w/ Hna Sutherlin


So, NEW news this week! I´m no longer in a trio! I am now in a companionship with Hna Sutherlin, from Georgia.  She is a sister from my zone that´s working in a sector on the other side of the zone, but what happened was she ended up "alone" as well because her comp went home too.  Her comp, Hna Meeks, (whom I love!) had to go home because she has been really sick to her stomache for like the last 2 months and the doctors here can´t figure out what she has... like at one point they tried telling her that she had DEPRESSION and she didn´t know it so that was what was causing it... yeah, no comment on that...just pray that I don't ever get sick or need urgent medical care here...
SO, she had to go home because she couldn't really work and she really needs to go to the doctor in the states so they can figure out what exactly she has and treat her so she can get better!  It was sad seeing her go because she is a really great missionary. 

SO, now Hna Sutherlin and I are together.  We have to divide our time between her sector in Tupahue and here in Villa el Sol, which is a LITTLE more complicated because we have to take a colectivo or a micro (bus) to get to and from her sector and transportation here in Rancagua (the city) is super expensive. But I really enjoy being with Hna Sutherlin, she´s great and we get along super well!  She goes to BYU and is best friends with one of the sisters that was in my MTC district; small world. :) ALSO, Hna Sutherlin was a coordinadora for like 9 months so I´m totally taking advantage of the time I have with her to pick her brain for suggestions/advice...AND we´ve got the same amount of time in the mission, so that´s one more thing we´ve got in common. Haha

SO, I don't  really remember if I've told you anything about the Jimenez´, but they came to church again this week and that was awesome! They still have a long way to go before they can be technically active again, but they are going strong! The week after Hna Jimenez had her breast cancer removing surgery (on like a Thursday) they came to church the next sunday and Hna Jimenez stood up to bear her testimony.  The funny thing was that I had called them in the morning to see if they were going to go/remind them and Hno Jiminez had answered and said the his wife hadn't been able to sleep all night so neither one of them was going to come...also because he had to stay there to take care of her.  BUT then when sacrament had already started, all the sudden, I see them come in the back doors and my chin hit the floor in shock, but the GOOD kind!  I had to contain myself from squeeling for joy. (That was a really big step for them, and we have been working with them a lot, for a long time).  This sunday we didn't even call them in the morning and they arrived by themselves, no help at all needed. And another less active sister arrived that I had been working with with Hna Rojas, but we had kind of dropped her because she was just not progressing, and not progressing, and not progressing, BUT she just showed up at church on sunday out of the blue, and that was great!  I guess her moment finally arrived! 

OH, I didn´t explain the situation with Hna Sutherlin - we are only together until next monday (cambios) we are like each others fill in companions while we wait for transfers, they are going to tell us what happens with transfers this saturday, but when I talked to Pres Warne after the coordinating sisters´meeting on Friday, he already told me I'm going to be training again! haha So we will see what happens with that :) 
Other than that, all is well!  It's getting a little colder every week, although there are still those freak days that all of a sudden feel like mild summer again, then the next day freezing again.  It´s kind of like the bipolar weather in the mountains at home, so I'm more or less used to it. lol 
Any way! Take care of yourselves fam bam! Love you guys SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! besitos!
Hna Davis

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