Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 67 (Rancagua, Zone Tupahue 1 [Villa el Sol])


This week was crazy! It absolutely FLEW by!
Monday, P-day activity with the hnas- making home made pizza at our house 
Tuesday, divisions with the sisters in Graneros (from the other zone)
Wednesday, come back from divisions in the morning, doctors appointment for my comps allergies in the evening.
Thursday, mission leadership council with Elder Salas from the 70
Saturday, and Sunday normal, and here we are on Monday again!

It was so awesome having the opportunity to be in the leadership council and then in the conference with Elder and Sister Salas! It was absolutely INCREDIBLE! It was like they just came into our dark room and turned on the light! WOW! Everything seems SOOO much clearer now!  I have been so privileged to be able to be around them for 2 days! ...And the coolest part was that after the conference ended on Friday and we were all eating lunch, the sisters at our table and I notice as elder and Hna. Salas walk in, get there plates of food and start looking for a place to sit, so we all flag them down and they come and sit with us at our table! So all during lunch we were talking with them and asking them questions talking about doubts and doctrine, like an open discussion with a member of the 70!  How cool is that?!?! The poor things had to take turns answering our questions so that while one talked the other could eat.  Then before Elder Salas could even finish off his lunch they called him up to do interviews with some missionaries.

In the Conference I was the second speaker, after Hna Warne (the Mission President's wife).  I was super nervous preparing my talk all week because with how busy we were, I could never find the right time to prepare it and what happened like two times is that I sat down to write it, after having studied, and NOTHING came to mind!  By Thursday night, I had a ROUGH idea of what I COULD say and about a paragraph and a half written, so I woke up at like 5 something on Friday morning to finish and practice my talk.  I was really nervous, but I felt good about it after I´d finished.  It was really funny during the conference because I kept breathing super deeply and couldn't sit still before I got up to speak, but then after I finished I was as happy and relaxed as ever! haha The hermana that was sitting next to me laughed at me for it. 

My compi and I are doing really well! she is great! and so patient with me hahaha.
This week we found an investigator (an 84 year old named Clara) on Saturday night and on Sunday she came to church with us! Tania also came to church for the 2nd time this week and one of the YW told us afterward that they are getting together during the week to eat, and she had already invited her to all the activities for the month of June!!! hahaha I love it!
Well times up folks, love you so much! be good! Byeeee!

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