Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 68 (Rancagua, Zona Tupahue 1 [Villa el Sol] - w/ Hna. Arellano from Tabasco, Mexico)

Hey fam bam!

Today has been an awesome but super crazy day! We did a lot of awesome things but the result was that now we have no time for anything else! haha So sorry if this email comes out short.

Today we went to this place up in the mountains called COYA, looking for snow (my comp wanted to conocer la nieve [get to know the snow]) lol We woke up like half an hour earlier than usual and got ready and left the house at like 7:15 we and picked up a member then walked to the bus station, waited an hour for the bus to come, and took the 45 min bus ride up into the mountains. It was crazy how much parts of the ride up looked like the 18 Highway coming up the hill haha, but there there was this one part where we came up over a ridge and started dropping down into the valley and when we came up over the ridge, the whole view opened up into the huge valley in the MIDDLE of the mountain range and it was BREATHTAKING!!!! I'm sorry to have to say this but it was way more breathtaking than anything I've ever seen in the Sierras. Of course, pictures never do it justice, especially not from a bus window, but even so I took some and I'll attach some. It was absolutely amazing. Then in the afternoon, an awesome family here, family Campos made us an asado [BBQ] in the afternoon for lunch and we went there but then couldn't leave until like 4 ...and then we had no time left to do anything because we still had to clean the house and write to the fam. We didn't even have time to buy food, so I'm hoping what I have in the house lasts. lol but even so its been a good day, it´s just that I sometimes stress a bit when we are tight on time lol

This week was good but it rained almost all week and was super cold, so that's sometimes hard on us missionaries especially when no one wants to open their doors and let you in. They just open up, ask you what you want, then tell you no because it´s cold or it´s raining and then tell you to go to your house and get out of the rain. And at first when they tell you that it´s cold or it´s raining you´re thinking "Aw really? I hadn't noticed! You know, because I'm standing here IN the rain hiding under my umbrella and shivering so hard its probably visible." haha Then when they tell you to go home and your like... yeah... I CANT but if you'd let me IN it'd be MUCH better! hahaha but no, we were blessed to be inside teaching more than out in the rain, although my companion did get SOAKED when a truck drove through a puddle of water next to the sidewalk on Tuesday (while I was in divisions in Santiago renewing my carnet). Poor thing! hahaha I think she won all the good sport points that day.

This week we set a new baptismal date goal with jopsely (because here the investigators have to go to church at least three weeks before getting baptized and she hasn't been able to come yet). This Sunday she was going to come with Hna Jimenez (they were having a pj party because hna Jimenez´ spouse was going to be out of town for the weekend and with her chemo and everything she can't really be left alone), BUT they both slept in. I guess they forgot to set their alarm. CHOOTA! but NEXT WEEK! SI O SI!!!! haha

What else can I tell you? We have a lot of good investigators and are seeing that the sector is starting to pick up, there was a point there when we pretty much had nothing (when all the craziness was going on with my other trainee who went home, and being in trios and 2 sectors, etc, etc) but it´s been awesome seeing a slow but steady progress now that I've got an awesome new companion and we have been back in business 100% of the time in OUR sector. :) The hardest thing has been SEEING all our investigators regularly because they all have complicated schedules and we have an appointment set for the end of the week with them (for example) and then they can't make it for a surprise meeting or a changed work shift and then there goes the week and we weren't able to visit them. But it´s not that big of a challenge. We are working on calling them before hand to remind them and calling them more during the week, setting goals and making plans to overcome the challenge lol :) doing what missionaries do :)

Something cool that happened to me this week was it just like "clicked" in my brain (a little better than ever before) that through the Atonement we can not only become better and stronger in our strong points or less weak in our weak points, but that through the Atonement, I can actually make my weaknesses STRENGTHS! I don´t know why that had never "clicked" before, but it did this week and I'm very grateful for that and putting a stronger effort and emphasis on making my weaknesses strengths, not just bettering them a little tiny bit.

Other than that, they tell us the cambios this Saturday. I have never been so nervous for cambios in my whole mission. haha We will see what happens.

Love you all SOOOOOO much! Take care our yourselves!
Hna Davis

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