Monday, June 16, 2014

Week 69 (Rancagua, Zona Tupahue 1 [Villa el Sol] - w/ Hna. Arellano from Tabasco, Mexico)

This has been a crazy week!  Well, like you were saying in your emails last week, I don't even think crazy weeks exist anymore because every week is about the same on the level of craziness! haha
This week I did divisions with the sisters in Graneros and it was super fun!  A grand adventure! Their sector is pretty campo [out in the country] and really LOOONG, SO... we went... wait for it... ON BIKES!!!!!  First time in my mission where I got to ride a bike in the sector! And first time in my life that I rode a bike with a skirt on! ...and first time in my life that I rode a bike when it is raining cats and dogs!!! hahaha and did you know that when you bike in the rain you get WAY, WAY wetter than if you were just on foot carrying an umbrella around??? hahaha Hna Villareal and I got back to the house soaked all the way through, but even so, we had a great day! and we just laughed about it. The thing was that despite the rain, it was like a dream day for a missionary, because every house we went to let us in!!! and a bunch of them were just contacts (future investigators) that the sisters had made and set appointments to go back (NORMALLY like 80% of those appointments fall through). It was sweet! I also always love being able to go to other sectors to see and also be with the other sisters to get to know them better and love them even more!  They are ALL super awesome!
So that was Wednesday-Thursday.  Thursday afternoon my comp had an appointment in the clinic to get an allergy test where they prick your arm with a bunch of different stuff like pollen, dust, etc to see what you are allergic too, the results: ... nothing! and the lame thing is that we are 80% sure it's food that is causing it, but they only do the food test in Santiago... BUT luckily she hasnt had any allergy episodes lately so we are hoping we wont have to worry about it anymore....
Friday: Chile played in the world cup so we had to go home early, at 6pm (the time Chile started their game) because Chileans LOVE their football and they get pretty dang wriled up, not to mention que son muy buenos para al alcohol (generalmente) [that they're big on alcohol (generally)], so for our safety all the missionaries had to retire early to do our weekly planning. It was funny though because without watching the game we knew that Chile had won and exactly how many goals they had scored, because every time Chile scored a goal the WHOLE neighborhood errupted in shouts and cheers and everything, then when the game ended they all went out in their cars screaming and cheering and honking their horns driving like 3 times around the neighborhood screaming and honking before going to some place to celebrate.
This week we had some really awesome spiritual experiences!  I just LOVE being a missionary, and having the PRIVILEDGE to share the restored gospel and the TRUTH everyday, and to be the Lord's mouthpiece and hands here in Villa el Sol, with my compi.
BTW we're not changing!  We get to stay together another cambio and I get to finish Hna Arellano's training!  We are SUPER happy about it!!!!
This cambio is going to be AMAZING!!!

Love you fam bam!  Hope you had a great father's day daddy. Take good care! make good choices ;)
Hna Davis

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