Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 71 (Rancagua, Zona Tupahue 1 [Villa el Sol]

My crazy family<3,

MY PACKAGE FINALLY ARRIVED!!!!!!! yayyyyyy thank you! thank you for the bracelet mommy, I'm going to wear it everyday! haha :)

This week was great! we FINALLY had a ward activity! and it turned out GREAT!!!!  Hopefully that will help convince our bishop to let us do activities more often!
We had 2 investigators that came to the activity, and one Sister, who just HAPPENS to be a returned missionary, brought 3 non-member classmates, to the activity!  Also, Melissa Campos came! She is progressing little by little, but the awesome thing is that she is progressing! She came to church again on Sunday and already committed to come next week as well.  Her older sister and her sisters husband (and their new born baby) had to move back in with Melissa and her parents because the husband had been out of work for a while. It´s been rough on them, but I am starting to see it as a blessing because she will be able to help Melissa be more diligent in going to church, reading her scriptures, etc. (Her sister is also a returned missionary:))

We also found a really great investigator this week! Her name is Diana. She was a reference from a sister in the ward who works driving colectivos.  She gave her a ride one day in her colectivo and Diana told her about how 2 of her three children had passed away, one form sickness and the other had committed suicide, so the sister, hermana Guacolda, talked to her about eternal families and about the gospel, and then asked her if she´d like to listen to the missionaries and she said yes!  Saturday morning hermana Guacolda drove us to Diana´s house and we taught her about the restoration of the gospel and the Priesthood authority to make covenants to be sealed as families, etc.  She was super receptive and prepared!  That same night she went to the activity, hna Guacolda picked her up, and she had a great time. Then she also committed to coming the next day to Sacrament Meeting.  When we saw Hna Guacolda at church Sunday morning she explained to us that she had passed by Diana´s house in the morning and called and called but that she must have slept in because no one answered.  But about half way through Sacrament Meeting there is a knock on the door and in walks DIANA! She had come all by herself when she realized that she´d slept in! I have never seen such dedication in an investigator!  Then because it was the 5th Sunday everyone but the people from Gospel Principles met up to have a ward chat/inventory/lesson.  SO we stayed in the gospel principles class and the teacher started to ask if anyone had questions and Diana started asking more about eternal families and what she could do for her sons that had already passed. Well, one thing lead to the next and we ended up inviting her to be baptized right there in the not-gospel-principles-gospel-principles class…. AND she accepted!!! So now she has a date set for the 26th of July and is going to be preparing for that in these next couple weeks! YAYYYYYY!

What else?? Oh, yesterday we thought there was somebody robbing our investigator, Jocelyn´s house. We got there for the appointment and everything was dark and turned off and silent, but he front door was WIDE open, so well called and called (Halo-ed) out side the gate and nobody answered. SO then we stopped calling for a  little bit and start talking low about what could have happened or why the door was open when all the sudden we hear someone inside coming down the stairs. Somebody dressed in dark colors, a tall guy. And we start to freak, because Jocelyn is married, but her husband works in Punta Arena and doesn’t come back for like a month or two. BUT long story short, it was her cousin who had come to visit and was baby sitting her kids. So that was a fun non-adventure.  We got all spooked for nothing. lol

Other than that, all´s good in the neighborhood! Love you  guys so much! Hope you are having a blast on your crazy trip!!!  You are all Davis studs! ;)  Be safe!

Hna Davis

Ps.. Zoe, that´s it, you are SOOOOOOO busted! Totally going to hang you by your toenails in 2 months! Asi que, ¡prepárese!  [prepare yourself]

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